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WILLOW – The Observer

Apr 15 – May 12

Celtic Animal: The Bull

Celtic Mythical Character: Ceridwen

Willow tree horoscope 2020 symbolIn Celtic Tree Astrology, Willow is linked strongly with the moon and the personalities of Willow men and women are linked to druid lunar mysticism. My Willow tree horoscope reveals that they are usually highly intelligent, very creative and very much in tune with the lunar cycles and four seasons. Ambition is a character trait for willow personalities, as is stubbornness and jealousy.

Willow men and women can expect a year where they will be looking for life to get back to normal. It is highly likely that for these people 2019 was a year of great change which may have thrown them and the stability in life they wish for. Provided Willow people pace themselves over the year it is highly likely that 2020 will be steady and stable. That said, my analysis shows that these people may be faced with a considerable prospect for change this year and will need to focus strongly in order to manage these events.

Romantically my Calendar chart shows that love lives for these people will settle and be calmer this year compared to last. They can expect a degree of harmony in relations with a partner if already in a relationship. 2020 is also a good time to reflect on a current relationship and consider what is wanted from it. It is in the nature of Willow people that they may not relish making the change but they can rest assured that if they feel change is needed, it is the right thing to do for the longer term. However, these people can take some comfort from the fact that indicators suggest changes are likely to be small and subtle rather than large and explosive. Singleton willows should see 2020 as a time to work on their relationship skill set. It is worth remembering that having charm and being pleasant can get you a long way with most people. If you feel that your relationship has become somewhat predictable then ditch some of your routine activities and introduce some new and exciting factors to add zest to your relationship. Strengthening your relationships with friends and family circle will also bring dividends in 2020. Behaviourally, try not to act too strongly on impulse and instead be more low key. Sometimes very small things can lead to big changes in a relationship so don’t worry about reaching for those big events such as a child or marriage, Willow.

Willow Tree Horoscope Lifestyle Insights

Professionally, this is a time for these people to wear them serious and professional face if they are aiming to succeed or progress. This will be a very busy yearly cycle and the folk of this zodiac sign can expect to be working harder than normal. Bear in mind this can be stressful and these people will need to take good care of themselves. As a creative personality, it will be important for these people to find opportunities to be creative in practice or in thinking.

Financially, it may well be the case that last year was a strain, my Willow tree horoscope suggests. If so then this is a year where Willow people should concentrate on repairing damage to finances before using available funds for new ventures.

As I have said, 2020 is likely to be a particularly busy year for the people of this tree sign. It will be a time to concentrate on making the right decisions and also managing your time and finances. However, it is equally important to ensure you look after your health and to that end, a good exercise regimen and sensible balanced eating will help you stay in the best of health through this busy time.

Looking at the year ahead, my Willow tree horoscope shows that for these people, the first third is a time to be patient in life and careful in health. The middle third of the year looks to be an improvement and travel during this time will be good for these people physically and mentally. The final third of 2020 looks highly positive and this is a time for a new start a new venture. This may be a vacation opportunity or simply to spend more time with the people you love. Make time for your friends and family throughout the year as they are always going to be available to support and help you. Work hard and relax well while focusing on doing the things you enjoy for a great year.

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