2018 Virgo Monthly Horoscope Chart Analysis

Month By Month Zodiac Insight For Virgoans

August 22nd – September 23rd

Month wise, the Virgo year of 2018 looks to make a good start but then some more thoughtful periods emerge. Discover just where the bumps might come but also those periods of great delight.

January – This is set to be a lovely positive month for all Virgo folk. There will be lots of personal happiness and satisfaction. It is likely to be a social phase when health will be good and your love life will sparkle. All round, it is a brilliant start to the New Year and Virgo folk are likely to be filled with a sense of optimism and hope for the future.

February – You may be in a dreamy mood this month. Your focus will be on your own professional development and you may have your eyes already set on a new goal. You can be assured that your boss has already noticed you and you have nothing to worry about. Don’t be surprised if a new and unexpected opportunity comes your way and makes your dream a reality.

March – You could feel in need of a time out this month so that you can relax and revive. If your body is tired through over-work, then allow it to rest. If your mind is racing, then allow yourself some downtime. If you feel in need of some general refreshment, take a short break from routine. It will rejuvenate you. All Virgo people may be very sexually aware, love scope study shows.

April – You could find yourself in a quiet and reflective mood this month where, to be honest, you may feel a bit down and dejected. It could be that you are struggling with the pace of your life at the moment, although you do like to be busy and you rarely say no if anyone asks a favour of you. Try to be mindful that sometimes it is good to say no occasionally and life doesn’t always have to go at one hundred miles per hour.

May – You are likely to feel in the mood for spring cleaning. Certainly, you could be clearing your home of unwanted possessions and reorganising your space much more efficiently. You will feel very much refreshed on a personal level once you have de-cluttered. There is also a possibility you could be redecorating your home, brightening up existing colour schemes or even changing them completely.

June – There could be many changes happening for you this month, so don’t be surprised if an opportunity for advancement comes your way through work. Also, the status of your personal relationship may alter in some way too. Everything that makes a difference to your circumstances this June is likely to be positive and you, also are likely to be in a bright and accepting mood whereby you embrace change rather than try to oppose it.

July – This month could show up some of the cracks in the personal relationships of Virgo folk. Certainly, you are likely to be under considerable strain, both in partnership and in your job. It is not likely to be a quiet July and I would not advise that you share any confidential information with anyone. Some crisis could be averted in your job, though maybe not in your personal life. Virgo men and women might rethink some compatibility issues with their current partners.

August – Encouragingly, the Virgo monthly horoscope 2018 deductions show that after last month’s crises, August will be an absolute delight. There are likely to be fresh starts, new beginnings, openings and closures. The old saying, “when one door closes, another opens" could not be truer for those people born under the earth sign of the maiden. You will feel completely re-energised by the happenings all around you and ready to face head on any of the new challenges that face you.

September – This will be a splendid month for Virgo folk. You will be blessed in many areas of your life. For one thing, you are likely to feel your energy levels are extremely high and this will empower you to achieve well in work and to weather the storms you face on a personal level. With this much positivity, Virgo folk are highly unlikely to succumb to any negativity of thought or action.

October – Many things will interest you this month You will be spoiled for choice. There will be a feeling of good will surrounding you from many people, both work colleagues, as well as friends and family. You are likely to feel at one with yourself and settled in your own skin. Very little will phase you and although you will continue to be busy, you won’t feel overloaded. The business will be your own choice.

November – You may find yourself questioning things and going over and over the same ground during November. There could be some confusion about a course of action to take. It is probably best to take time out rather than making a rash decision. A work colleague might say some odd things which you will dwell on. The chances are, it is their problem and not yours. Don’t try to shoulder other people’s burdens or solve their worries.

December – There could be some arguments and disagreements in both your personal and professional life. If you are extra careful you can avoid getting mixed up in them. Folk born under the Virgo sign of the maiden are blessed with diplomatic skills and this will be a chance to show others how well you can handle people around you with both tact and diplomacy.

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