Female And Male Qualities – Virgo

Guy And Girl Personalities – Virgo

Virgo Woman Characteristics

Virgo man personality traits and womanThe Virgo female personality type comes from a metaphorical spinal column made of stainless steel. She has a quiet mysterious way about her so is good in pursuit of happiness but….therein lies danger. These qualities are very popular with men that choose the delicacy of understatement in their love relationships.

She is a nit-picker and will certainly do every little thing in a orderly and efficient order. She is a stickler for preparation and she can be extremely shrewish and fussy if things do not always go to her agenda. She is nobody’s moron and definitely not naive by any means. She will certainly have a psychological block when it comes to confessing that she is in the wrong, since often she will most certainly be right. She’s concise and sensible and she will not allow profanity or exceedingly drunken behaviour. She will certainly despise sloppy apparel in her mate. She’s definitely not clingy and she can take excellent care of herself whatever the circumstances.

She will most likely adore show business, plays, books, shows and gigs though she could be really critical of their content. She thinks in a crystal clear way. Yet she is a worrier too and will certainly keep her man from larking about. Once a guy has actually dedicated himself to her, it is really uncommon for the Virgo woman to be disloyal and it definitely is a rare one that will entertain straying. This is due to the fact that she has an outwardly constrained emotional character. However, she has a warmer heart than you suspect.

She will be irritatingly careful regarding little points yet she could additionally be the kindest, most affectionate and reasonable creature conceivable. While she will certainly irritate you with her critical eye she could likewise be excellent and enjoyable when letting her hair down. Do not ever be fooled by a Virgo lady. She has no illusions and will certainly detect a phoney a mile off.

When you have persuaded her to trust you she will be yours for life. She’ll be a good cook and has a deep sense of duty, especially where family members are involved. She will be a strong disciplinarian with youngsters and will certainly never ever overlook the spiritual, ethical or instructional needs of her brood. Her eyes are awesome and extremely intelligent yet simply a single smile can light up the entire room with her radiance.

Virgo Man Traits

The Virgo man personality type of the earth sign shows he is born with an instinctive love of work, duty, discipline and devotion to the helpless. He is a blend of sharp intellect and solid earth. While he is naturally critical and analytical, he is also modest and selective. His outlook will always be pure. He lives almost entirely on a practical, material level. This man will be able to live with celibacy far more easily than any other sign. However, this doesn’t mean he will never become involved. Although he’s not obvious, the Virgo man is master of the art of subtle seduction.

Virgo man is in no rush to find love because he will be as particular in his eating, grooming, health and work habits as he will be in finding a mate. He is difficult to stir up emotionally because he is naturally shy, however once smitten, he will always be faithful and his love will burn with a steady flame over many years if he is genuinely in love.

Analysing the traits of a Virgo male show this guy can be extremely strong through emotional and material hardships and is a tender and gentle companion. He can always supply his partner the necessities of life (if not the luxuries) and he will shower his partner with gentle consideration.

Virgo man in love is kind and thoughtful with a crystal clear memory which means he’s good at remembering special dates. He won’t be wildly passionate or jealous, but he will be utterly loyal though he won’t tolerate anything less from his partner. His pet hates are ignorance, stupidity, sloppy thinking, dirt and vulgarity. He is neat, tidy, clean and well dressed but not in a flashy kind of way.

These men have strong personality traits leaning towards fatherhood and once the children have been born he will be an extremely conscientious parent, never taking his responsibilities lightly. He will teach youngsters life skills all the while transmitting his own high standards and moral conduct. His children will be well- trained in matters of ethics, courtesy and good citizenship. These men rarely spoil their offspring and sometimes they can be overly critical as well as a bit too strict. He is not particularly argumentative, yet always alert and well-informed. For the majority of the time, he is reliable and pleasant.

These men generally take very good care of their bodies, though they can moan about small afflictions such as indigestion, severe aches in the stomach area, aching heads and problems with their feet. They can be prone to lung afflictions and may be plagued with pains in their hips, arms shoulders, suffering from arthritis, rheumatic troubles and sometimes sluggish liver and backaches. But this man’s concern about his health will prevent most major ailments because he is always extremely healthy and germ conscious.

This zodiac sign likes cats and small helpless creatures. They also like the truth, punctuality, economy, prudence and discreet selectively. Cool green, jade and pure platinum will complement him and bring him good luck.

This is normally a small person according to the traits of a Virgo male but he’s muscular and has far more strength than his fragile appearance would suggest. He can stand more intense work over a longer period than many other signs, so as long as he can avoid a nervous breakdown, he will survive well into old age. The true ruler of Virgo is the unseen planet of Vulcan. The thunderous Vulcan gives to the Virgo man his astrological inheritance of courage and confidence

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