2018 Taurus Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Month Wise Astrology Predicting For Taureans

April 21st – May 21st

Month By Month astrologically, the 2018 Taurus year looks an overall positive time for these people. Be careful of bumps in the road, however. Read on to discover what and when they are likely to surface!

January – This could be a period of transitions for those born under the sign of the bull. Certainly, I sense there are big changes which may unnerve you since you can be very much a creature of habit. Towards the end of the month, your life is likely to feel more settled and you won’t feel so vulnerable. Life will resume a steadier more predictable pace and you will feel happier.

February – It is probable that your drive and intense focus on your work will bring excellent rewards both in terms of your career and any business deals you manage to set up. Certainly, I foresee great gains and considerable wealth coming to you from your professional life. You will deserve all the accolades that come your way. The likelihood is that you will accept them graciously and modestly.

March – This is likely to be a spiritual phase for Taurus folk where you will be in a reflective and contemplative mood. You will probably refrain from more physical activities in favour of quieter and meditative engagements. It is entirely likely that your stepping back from the business in your life will make you spiritually stronger. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out to relax.

April – Watch out for muscle strain, muscle weakness and leg pain this month. You are likely to be physically restricted in some way. The affliction is only temporary but it will mean that your spiritual development will be strong and you are likely to be very sensitive to other’s needs. If you decide to take up Yoga this could prove very beneficial to your psyche.

May – This looks to be a lovely spell for those born under the sign of Taurus. There will lots of success, a real sense of achievement and celebration with friends and family. I sense lots of happiness and fun as well. You will feel lighter and more sociable than in previous months. People around you will warm to your inner glow and be drawn to you for advice about their problems.

June – Be careful with the pennies this month. You could be involved in a lot of different financial deals and you must be careful not to overspend an agreed budget. In your personal financial affairs, you would be wise to pace yourself and buy only essentials. Saving up for the luxuries you crave may need even more will power and restraint when it comes to money matters.

July – You could be seeking answers during the July period. Certainly, I foresee that your mental capacity will be stretched. You will be keen to find things out for yourself through personal research. There may be some intellectual debates that you find yourself caught up in. Taurus folk could discover many varying answers through the search engines, though they are also just as likely to seek clarification and answers to burning questions through knowledgeable people as well as computer based data.

August – Taurean men and women will enjoy friends and family this month. It is an excellent time to let your worries go and live for the moment. Younger ones in your family group will seek out your common sense approach to life and ask your opinions. Be prepared for some unexpected conversations but try to keep your innermost thoughts to yourself. It is probably best to maintain tact and diplomacy at all times to keep the peace.

September – This month could contain a few surprises. Certainly, your emotions may take a battering with all the upheavals around you going on. There could also be some unexpected changes which may unnerve you. Try to go with the flow rather than setting up a resistance. If you can be more adaptable then life will become easier. Perhaps flexibility and an open mind are the keys to your survival during September.

October – This month will have a delightful freshness about it. It is a period of new beginnings, new possibilities and new openings. You are likely to feel invigorated spiritually, mentally and physically. Embracing life with open arms will open many new doors for you and all men and women born under the steady earth sign of the bull.

November – Be prepared to dress up this month and get your party clothes out for a whirl of social engagements including date nights, parties, events and functions. Your feet won’t touch the ground and you will be happy in the company of others. You will be in high spirits. Nothing is likely to dampen your morale. I foresee a real fun time where you have little to worry about other than enjoying yourself in the company of others.

December – This month will present many good opportunities for Taurus men and women. As it unfolds, more and more chances for you to further yourself and improve your life will present themselves. You would be unwise not to make the most of what is offered. Often times things happen for good reasons and Taurus folk would be wise to try to understand that when one door closes another one opens.


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