Man and Woman Character – Taurus

Taurus Qualities – Male And Female

Taurus Female

Taurus male and female traitsis a woman who has many sterling qualities that are quite rare to find. She is a tower of strength and fortitude. She is hardly ever demanding, except in the area of loyalty. She is practical and has a strength in sound judgement. She’s a solid down to earth thinker and her point of view on life is constantly straight and true. She prefers to do things slowly in her own unhurried manner.

She has both psychological and moral nerve, though an extremely strong mind of her own. She may have a raging temper, but it will not reveal itself unless she is provoked past breaking point!.

An elusive cow-like quality (and I mean it nicely) is noticeable in her lovely stable eyes which will frequently be the first thing to draw in a future mate. She feeds on charm and consistency in all things and especially music. One thing to take specific note of if you’re living with or preparing to partner with a Taurus woman.

She has an extremely sensuous side to her nature and likes flowers. She feeds on charm and harmony in all things and particularly songs. Neither a cry-baby nor a gold digger, she will handle everything in her life smartly.

She will constantly accept people for exactly what they are and will be faithful with thin and thick to people she considered friends. She will anticipate commitment back from her friends and can be deeply frustrated if buddies let her down.  So take note – this woman is calm and methodical but shouldn’t be mistaken for a pushover. it will take a lot to get her riled but when she does……..

Taurus Man

This guy normally happens to be a strong silent type who will talk his mind. As soon as he has actually made up his mind about something, there’s no turning back. All his choices will be carefully made and extensively planned.

A guy born under this sign can tend to have rather an interesting chin. His neck will be rather thick and muscular, the shoulders, chest and back, all broad and strong.

He will move gradually and with some purpose unless, of course, he loses his famous temper. This is an unusual occasion- maybe only as rare as or two moments in a lifetime, like a dormant volcano appearing. The male Taurus mood is not an impulsive one, yet he can turn into a raging bull if adequately provoked.

Health-wise he has the constitution of an ox, though he could recover gradually if he does not accept nor support the course of treatment set by his physician. Sensitive locations for infection in the Taurus male are the throat, neck, back and spinal parts of the body. He may also risk obesity because of the fabulous Taurean love of food and this can put a pressure on his heart. Gout is another possibility for Taurean guys. One of the primary sources for an ailment is the lack of clean and bracing air and working out which he thrives on.

His nature is immutable. Venus showers him with a love of luxury and the finer things in life. He will have an eye for quality and will not be put off attaining his goals in life. He treasures possessions and will frequently make them last for a lifetime after he has brought them with his hard-earned cash. He has huge persistence and a substantial ability for lasting love.

Usually a strong silent type who will speak his mind. One of his main character qualities is inflexibility. Once he has actually made up his mind about something, there’s no turning back. All his decisions will be thoroughly made and thoroughly planned.


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