2018 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Summary

Month Wise Astrology Forecasting For Sagittarians

November 23rd – December 22nd

Month by month, the 2018 Sagittarius year offers a great start to the Zodiac period for these people. How about the latter part of the monthly summary, however?

January – What a super period for you, in every conceivable way the Sagittarius horoscope shows. You will feel on top of the world and this sense of optimism and well-being will fuel every aspect of your life. There will be money in your pocket, harmony on the home front and loved ones will be supportive. In work, things will go your way and you are likely to actually feel the absence of work-related stress. It is highly unlikely there will be any.

February – This is a good time for overseeing changes. There could be significant changes made in a career which will engender a feeling of excitement and positivity. On the home front, there are unlikely to be any changes and recent events in your love life may cause you to question exactly what is going on and how you feel about it.

March – Your actions will speak louder than your words this month. In a slightly flippant mood, you could show a rebellious streak which could get you into trouble. Your blunt outspokenness could hurt people around you if you’re not careful. My advice would be to take stock of situations before you react in an inappropriate way.

April – This could be a profitable period for those born under the Zodiac sign of the Archer. You will be confident enough to take risks where others wouldn’t dare. If you make investments this month, they could prove profitable in the future. If you approach your bosses about a pay rise they might actually listen to you providing you make a good enough case. If you feel a personal relationship has lost its sparkle, it may be the right moment to move on.

May -This is an excellent month for new opportunities. It’s time to improve your health and you could find yourself researching specific de-tox diets. If you are drawn towards alternative therapies and possibly colonic irrigation, make sure you read up on them first before you embark on a round of unusual treatments.

June – If you are seeking counselling, it could be that you need to take time out of your busy schedule. You might well be questioning things on a spiritual level. It could mean that you need to understand your inner self more and come to terms with your physical, mental and emotional limitations. Do not feel this is a sign of personal weakness or inability to cope.It is simply a period for rebalancing your inner self.

July – The 2018 horoscope shows you could find yourself throwing things away that you’ve had for a long time. Your home may seem tired and in need of a facelift. It’s an excellent point to de-clutter and reclaim some space. Also, don’t be afraid to change the furniture layout in your lounge. If your kitchen needs an overhaul, this is the perfect time to make some changes. Simply by installing some new worktops could make a huge difference.

August – This is going to be an extremely busy and overloaded Zodiac month for Sagittarian folk. There will be lots of travel (which will please you enormously) and new courses to embark on. Whether or not you finish the courses is another matter, but you will be filled with an upbeat sense of optimism about what is possible for you to achieve.

September – You could need to sit back and take stock of gains and losses my Sagittarius monthly horoscope 2018 charts reveal. If you reflect seriously on your past actions, you should be able to see where you’ve gone wrong and make some changes. If your mind is in a whirl, then slow down for a bit and relax. This could be the right point to follow some of your many personal interests and hobbies.

October – If you are feeling a bit under the weather this month, try not to be too depressed. You may be inclined towards religion, spiritualism or mysticism in order to heal your inner self. You will need to really focus your thoughts if you are going to find the answers that you seek. Alternatively, a trip to the doctor and some anti-depressant tablets might secure you the same result.

November – You will be in a positive frame of mind this month and your focus is likely to be on the persona you project to other people. If you dissect your past mistakes you could easily make amends for any indiscretions. It is well within your capabilities to improve your sense of well-being and correct personal past errors.

December -This will be an easy month for you, 2018 Sagittarius. It is the perfect time to relax, take things at a slower pace and recharge your batteries. Even if your mind is focused on your next activity, you should enjoy this phase when there will be few demands made on you. I foresee reading, engaging in group sports and a short break away for those born under this fire sign.


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