Male And Female Traits – Sagittarius

Man And Woman Character – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Man

male and female - Sagittarius traitsSagittarian men are very idealistic, enthusiastic and curious. However, sometimes their innocent exuberance can become a bit wearing. The Sagittarian man has stacks of blind faith and will trust almost anyone. Although he is blessed with Jupiter’s intelligent logic and compelling curiosity, his soaring imagination may cause him to fall down. Don’t despair because Lady Luck will almost always rescue him.

This man will be unusually lucky in life and things will usually go his way. The typical Sagittarian male will recover quickly. He will naturally discriminate against dishonesty and that’s partly the reason why he has so many friends and well-wishers.

In is inevitably the case that those individuals upset by his very direct comments may well fix him with an icy stare and wish they were strangling him but they usually come around to realising his harmless intent. His sign exudes tactlessness and thoughtlessness but never deliberate cruelty.

His speech is direct and he may say outrageous things but he will almost always get away with it. His eyes will be bright and his looks will be boyish, even later on in life. He is curious about many things, including periods in history which may fascinate him. He will read avidly if there is anything he feels compelled to find out about.

In romantic affairs, be careful that you are not deceived. He can be a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Sagittarius man often looks for more casual relationships but this can often tend more towards physical promiscuity. He will have masses of affairs through life and he won’t knowingly tie a legal knot with a lie in his heart or on his lips but somehow he may get involved in a flirtation which may tangle itself into a proposal. He will hate to be romantically trapped. This sign is one of the most frequent for contributing to the divorce statistics.

Women often misinterpret the attitude of the Sagittarian male and think the relationship is far more serious than it really is. Usually, he’s only after a light-hearted liaison or just a girl to pal around with. He’s an outrageous flirt but not just simply looking for physical relationships on their own. He enjoys variety in things and stimulation of the mental processes. If a woman gets serious when he was only diverting himself, he may try to pass the whole thing off as a joke. Most of the time he is simply being honest.

These men insist on intelligence in a woman. Never get jealous with him. Give him lots of space if you wish to keep him. Don’t question him, weep or nag or threaten to leave him. If you take life in the same spirit he does, and take people as you find them, you might just have the requirements for being his kind of woman.

To keep a Sagittarian man you have to be exactly what he wants you to be. Let him direct and dominate your energies. Be as generous, affectionate and enthusiastic as he is but make it clear that you also are a free spirit.

Many Sagittarians are surprisingly unconcerned about the value of family ties. They simply do not buy into the concept of loving relatives unless they especially deserve it. Most keep a healthy distance from their in-laws. They have no time for relatives who seek to involve themselves in their private lives.

This man loves to travel and if you wish to keep this man, you will have to have your suitcase ready packed. He will not take kindly to his honesty being questioned. He will let off steam occasionally and may well throw some plates or break down the odd door. However, you can be assured that your relationship will be built on honesty.

Sagittarian man will be extravagant, sociable and easy with money. He will be forthright and critical on occasions but always honest.

He may find young children hard work and will usually prefer teenagers. He may be closer to boys than girls and share their sporting activities. Youthful indulgence will appeal to him. He will think with both his heart and his mind but he will always give an honest love to a relationship.

Sagittarius Woman

This is a woman who will not always say the kind of things you want to hear. She will ask embarrassing questions and speak inappropriately at the most inopportune moment. She is friendly, frank and disarmingly honest. She’ll always be outspoken because she sees the world exactly as it is, even when she’s wearing rose-tinted glasses.

She will never tell lies and will apply clear, reasonable logic to every situation. Sagittarian women are fiercely independent and many live alone by choice. Both sexes have a strange aloofness to family ties. They are also restless and like to be continually on the go.

Sagittarian women will not let anyone boss them around. She will enjoy a man’s protection but she won’t take kindly to being told what to do. When she gets too high-spirited her tongue can get sarcastic. A Sagittarian female will have no intention of giving up her freedom for just any male and she may send out confusing signals. She will flirt openly with the opposite sex without having any real intentions of ever developing it into anything serious.

This lady will be bright and frank. How she feels and how she thinks are identical. Her outspoken bluntness can cause misunderstandings but she won’t play silly games. She may feel she will be suffocated by the family which is why she keeps her distance from them. When she’s really hurt, her tongue can be bitter and sarcastic yet this is not the woman for brooding over spilt milk. Melancholy, gloom and pessimism can make her physically ill.

She will always clown with life and have lots of fun even if she remains a spinster. Like the male Sagittarian, she will be a bit skittish about marriage since she’s so breezy and unconventional. She will enjoy male company, so much so, that she can easily blend into any male dominated environment. Not that all Sagittarian women are offensively masculine by nature. It’s just that she is so outspokenly honest that she may be a bit careless with her reputation. Don’t judge her too harshly.

At heart, she is as trusting as a child and her outlook is so naive it can make her vulnerable to con artists in romance. Her heart is defenceless and it will fall down and get bruised quite often. However, her mind is always bright and intelligent and well able to take care of itself in any emergency.

She can be physically clumsy but her sunny disposition will melt the hardest of hearts. She likes good food, nice clothes and will usually have a large appetite. She will like to go first class when she travels and she is extravagant by nature. Money for the sake of money doesn’t interest her, but she will enjoy spending it whether she’s got money or not. She is an incurable idealist.

Lots of Sagittarians are drawn to show business. Her personality will be pure sunshine. She will have the travel bug throughout her life. Although she is shy of marriage and has a casual attitude to romance, she doesn’t lack in sentiment and is more than capable of weeping buckets over a sad film.

She will find domestic home-making boring. However, she needs to be surrounded by beauty and cleanliness to be true to herself. Don’t be surprised if she hires a cleaner in to do the domestic chores. Her cooking can be a bit hit and miss though she will be good at making desserts.

Her children will love her and she will be their buddy. Almost everything she does she will do well. No one entertains as graciously as a Sagittarian woman most people will warm to her outgoing friendliness.


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