2019 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Summary

Monthwise Sagittarius Chart Summary

23rd Nov – 22nd Dec

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January – You are likely to be extremely outspoken this month and very inquisitive. You are likely to have some real heart-to-heart conversations with others but you are unlikely to agree on many points. The end result is the conversation could end very abruptly and you will wonder if you have offended anyone, although not meaning to. You probably have, but this is not the end of the story. There could be more disputes and an uncomfortable atmosphere.

February – You will be in top form in your workplace. Others will notice your assertiveness, dynamism and drive. You will be admired for your self-discipline and seniors could take a personal interest in you. You are showing so much potential and things are really looking up on the career front. Don’t be careless or frivolous. Things are going too well for you.

March – This could be a mixed month for you. You will be sociable and friendly at the beginning of the month then your mood will change and you will be less than charming, putting people’s back up and speaking out of turn. Be careful that you don’t alienate someone who could be important in your life at a later date by being overly critical and sarcastic. This is not an attractive trait but commonly found in people born under the sign of the Archer.

April – There is someone about to enter your life who will be very influential in shaping your future. Your over-active imagination will be in full swing this month and your wildest ideas may come to the forefront. The irony is that there is another person out there who thinks exactly the same as you do. If you do meet, the chemistry will be electrifying and the two of you together will make an unstoppable force.

May – There could be unfortunate arguments this month and instead of strengthening ties with people, you are more likely to cut loose and adopt a fancy-free carefree outlook. This is probably not the best course for you to follow, but hey ho, you are unlikely to think this matters. Others may see you as a bit too jocular and a bit too lax and careless.

June – This is a lovely month for people born under the sign of the Archer. You will be relaxed and able to chill out with friends and family. The pressure will be off your shoulders in work and you will feel you are about to get exactly what you want, both in a relationship as well as well as in the promise of a new position in work. You will be in a holiday mood and ready to party.

July – This is another lovely month when your work will become a great source of enjoyment for you. The money will flow in and you will really enjoy being challenged, finding solutions to problems and making your unique voice heard. People will take notice of your ideas and you will feel highly valued. You will find their opinion of you is raised up and this really matters to you.

August – You may be showing a rebellious streak this month and some people may back away from your urge for independence. If you are too blatant with the truth you will gain no friends, only make enemies. You must try not to be over cocky or overzealous in the way you manage others. A more relaxed approach will work wonders for you and for those around you.

September – You will need to be focused on domestic affairs this month. You will have little choice. People close to you are likely to need your input, your advice and possibly your cash. There is also the question of taking care of some family affairs and fulfilling your duties. You may have to be a little more responsible than you have been in the past.

October – There will be good news for you this month and you will want to share your good fortune with others. You will definitely be in the mood to party and you could make new friends. People will open up to you and you could have a very interesting time. The month will start off well and end even better. You will be smiling all the way to the bank.

November – This will be a time for you to shine and show off your winning personality. You will be excellent in any form of business deals and you will win admirers for your jocular wit. You could be charged with additional responsibilities in work which will boost your self-esteem as well as your pay packet. With money to spend freely, you will end this month in high spirits.

December – The year will end with happy events in your social calendar. You will feel more secure in yourself and certainly more self-confident. Others will support you and be happy to collaborate with you. You will find co-operating with others straightforward and uncontroversial. You may take advice from an experienced person whom you have a lot of respect for Sagittarius.

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