Rowan Tree Horoscope 2020 – Celtic Mystic Tree Astrology

ROWAN – The Thinker

Jan 21 – Feb 17

Primary Celtic Animal: The Cat

Celtic Mythical Character: Brigid

Rowan tree horoscope - image of the treeMen and women who have the Rowan as their Celtic sign are assertive, analytical and independent people who know their own minds and stick with their own decisions once made.

My Rowan tree horoscope shows that these people can expect many new opportunities to come their way during 2020 which is a great year for working on self-improvement. These men and women may find they feel rather more impulsive during 2020 and this can lead potentially to some very useful changes to their lives. They can also expect to be more direct with friends, family and work colleagues which will help them make progress towards their goals. However, Rowan people should be careful not to rush ahead and not to alienate close friends and colleagues. These people can expect their traits of independence and creativity to come to the fore this year and they will find their natural intelligence stands them in good stead.

The romance indicators in Celtic astrologyCeltic astrology revealed that this is likely to be a particularly passionate year with a partner if you have one. If you are without a partner then it’s a particularly good year to focus on getting one. It’s likely these people will feel especially romantically inclined and charming towards a potential partner and this will attract new people towards them. If they are currently in a relationship then it is a time for spontaneity and this will bring excitement and fun into their relationship in a very beneficial way. If a single Rowan then these singletons should try to visit new places and meet new members to expand their social circle. In this year the indicators suggest they are more likely to find a new relationship with somebody completely new than from a current social circle. That said, these men and women will feel a greater emotional attachment to family and friends during this particular cycle. However, with friends, take care not to translate this into a romantic scenario as a newcomer looks to be the most profitable route to a new relationship. Celtic Rowan charts also suggest this is an excellent year to start or add to a family if that is on your horizon.

Rowan Tree Horoscope Lifestyle Insights

Looking at the Rowan professional life this looks a generally successful year but you may see a change in your work. This may arise internally or through seeking a new external position. You will find that you have a greater dependence on your co-workers this year and closer working with them will bring you benefits. Avoid impulsive decisions in the workplace and consider your workplace somewhere for serious decision making. You may find you need to act more professionally during 2020 if looking to further your career or job prospects.

Financially, this should be a year where the money is less important to because you are well placed to meet your obligations and pay your bills. You should also be able to purchase things that you want because of financial stability, possibly even growth in 2020. However, you may be tempted to go into debt to achieve the things you wish. Try to avoid this at all costs this is not a year to let debt get a grip of you.

This year could be a year for Rowan people to make health decisions. There may be an outstanding problem been wrestling about and, if so, then this is the year to tackle it. Apart from facing up to any outstanding health issues, this is also a period where these men and women should try to exercise or increase the level of current exercise they have. However, Rowan people should take care not to overstretch themselves and create problems. It is time to make sure you know your limitations. In a more general sense, it’s a good time to review your diet and sleeping regime to check both are at a level that is appropriate for your age.

Looking over the year for Rowan people, the first third of the year is a time for socialising and thinking well of others. It’s also a time to avoid any major decisions and concentrate instead on enjoying life. The middle third of the year may see some health issues but these people should also be open and receptive to new experiences and ideas. The final third of the year is the most positive time for romance and problem-solving in a romantic relationship. This is a year to be ended by investing time and emotions in those who are loved the most.

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