Reed Celtic Horoscope 2020 – Mystical Tree Forecasting

REED – The Inquisitor

Oct 28 – Nov 24

Primary Celtic Animal: The Hound

Celtic Mythical Character: Pwyll

Celtic Reed horoscope imageIn Celtic astrology people born under the sign of the Reed are the keepers of secrets. By nature, they are highly inquisitive and like nothing better than to dig into the greater detail of anything that interests them. They are always searching for that extra bit of information or hidden truth. These people love communication and especially stories. They adore mysteries legends, gossip, scandals and lore. Beyond the natural inquisitiveness, these people have character traits of determination, ambition and intuition. They are passionate and emotional men and women also.

2020 looks to be a year of freedom for the men and women of the Reed and they will probably feel that shackles of the past have been thrown off this year. They will have greater freedom to make their own decisions about their lives which will give them a greater feeling of control. Overall these individuals should be happier in 2020 and it is a year to make the most of liberation.

Romantically this will be a year where a relationship continues much as it previously has apart from small changes. High Passion is indicated by my Reed Celtic horoscope charts, even for those who are new to romantic relationships. If a loving relationship already exists then these people will find they are even more romantically inclined and fired up about romance. Singleton Reed people will be similarly inclined but there is a need for fast action if a new romantic opportunity presents itself. This is a year where whether in an existing or new relationship a Reed person would like their partner to take the lead in developing the relationship. Overall, life will be faster in 2020 so it may be hard to find the time to spend with partners friends and family. However, it’s important Reed people make the effort and beware of the impacts that neglecting these close people can bring.

Professionally my Reed horoscope charts show this is likely to be a slow year for these men and women. There is a good chance they will be bored with the current job or project which may raise the prospect of change. This is a major decision, however, and should be carefully considered before any action is taken. If a change does take place and try to find a career or project that more suitably matches skills and, especially, things you enjoy. These men and women will not want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire so careful consideration of any job change is essential in 2020.

Financially, 2020 is a steady year but it is a time when extra attention should be paid to paying off any current debts or monetary commitments. It is also time to ensure that any money these people have loaned is recouped.

Reed zodiac people will feel more energetic and enthusiastic this year. The challenge will be understanding how best to channel those attributes. Remember that extra energy and enthusiasm can be devoted to family and friends as well as interests and work. Distributed equally across all those areas, your energy will prove most beneficial. Diet features heavily in Reed horoscope analysis this year and initial focus should be on assessing your diet and whether to make any changes. Time spent here on your health will pay dividends throughout the year.

The first third of 2020 will be a very mixed period and these men and women will feel at times that they have little control over events that affect them. However, this won’t last. Practice care and caution in the first few months of the year and be prepared for a more positive outlook from April onwards. The middle part of the year is more peaceful and should be used to review any commitments that you have not completed before now. This is a period of review and planning, make the most of it. The final third of 2020 should be a fantastic time with much happiness, love and friendship. This is the best time of the year when considering romance and new relationships.

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