Pisces Annual Horoscope 2018 Summary

Family Relatives And Close Friends

pisces symbology imageBeing the creative and imaginative sign that you are, Pisces people could find themselves purposely testing their close relationships with both friendships and family. My astrological forecast suggests there are likely to be some major changes around you which you are going to initiate. By being true to yourself, you are gearing up to be totally honest with those around you and close acquaintances and family might not always appreciate the directness of your approach. Potentially this could be a rather trying year for friends and family of Piscean men and women since they may appear impulsive and thoughtless of the consequences ahead.

There are likely to be some serious times where people open their hearts and speak out forthrightly, deliberately and purposely treading on sensitive issues. Old wounds could be re-opened causing additional scarring. There may be voluntary actions of an undesirable nature where some of those very dear to you could be offended. There will be strong words spoken though ultimately, on a more positive note, it could clear the air.

There will be little room for misunderstandings this year since these people will be bold and their voices will speak out. Certainly, this is likely to be the year for big shake-ups and turmoil within traditional and well-established family structures.

Love Opportunities and Relationships

Pisces 2018 folk may take courageous steps this year to end relationships that are not working for them. Even if the relationship is quite stable it is still likely that there will be some frank exchanges and things won’t be quite the same after the discussion. There could be some really damaging exchanges from which there is no turning back.

While change is good, love horoscope study for this period shows that these individuals may have serious doubts about their compatibility with partners in their current relationships. It would, therefore, be unwise to consider pregnancy or planning for a new baby with the flux of emotions Pisces individuals are quite likely to be experiencing this year.

Known for their strong intuition, those born under the sign of the fishes could take it upon themselves to deliberately undermine their current relationships by trying to act out their current fears and dreams. While much of their thinking is likely to be whimsical, Pisces folk may still approach their love life in a hap-hazard and precarious manner. While there is still likely to be some passion and romance, this could be ruined by the fallout of too much sentimentality and direct criticism.

Career and Employment Insight

There are certainly going to be some major adjustments in your job this year my career horoscope analysis indicates.  I foresee that men and women born under this water sign will be working extremely hard at the beginning of the year. Part of the reason for this is that they will be consumed with burning desires and ambitions for a better lifestyle. Because of their determined focus on targets and long-term goals, seniors are more likely to take serious notice and there could be some lucrative deals and very attractive chances for travel. For some a new work salary grade is on the cards. Many may find themselves in newly promoted leadership roles. This determined professional drive could slacken once the spring and early summer months arrive though the bold independence of these folk will not have gone unnoticed.

In the latter half of the year, my 2018 horoscope foretells that there could be small errors in work if men and women don’t pay close attention to detail.

Since the horoscope 2018 year is one of flux for those born under this sign, there could even be a change of direction in employment or a completely new career for those who make particularly bold moves. The final driver and motivator for fish people this year will be feeling happy and satisfied in their workplace.

Money Management And Wealth Portents

Pisces yearly horoscope 2018 study tells me that these folk will need to be very careful with money in 2018. They would be well advised to pay off any loans and /or outstanding debts and settle all bills before embarking on a new round of spending. Certainly, they will be more aware of the monetary needs of others around them. At times it is likely to be quite tricky to avoid being indulgent.

This is an excellent year for investment in real estate and land where a real killing could be made during certain Pisces months.

For both men and women, there could be some excellent opportunities to make money in property and when striking these business deals they are likely to be hard-nosed and determined.

Health And Physical Fitness

The energy levels of the fish folk may deplete rather too rapidly in 2018 if they don’t look after themselves properly. Getting sufficient sleep and eating regular meals will be very important. Pisces individuals may need to adjust their diets, choosing healthier options to maintain good digestive health. Eating more fresh vegetables is a good place to start and both cucumbers and pumpkins would be particularly nutritious for this sign.

I recommend taking regular workouts but also regular time-out for rest and relaxation. Meditation and Yoga are also good options for men and women born under the sign of Pisces. If you are feeling run down, then the chances are your body is telling you to ease off so that minor health issues don’t develop into major ones.  Thankfully, These people are born with an optimistic outlook and this will help them overcome life’s trials and tribulations in 2018.

A Reese

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