2018 Pisces Monthly Horoscope Forecasting

Month By Month Astrology Forecasting For Pisceans

February 20th – March 20th

Month wise there is a positive 2018 Pisces year ahead for the people of the sign of the fish. An especially favourable start lies ahead but what about the latter part of the annual cycle?

January – This month will be the start of a new more confident phase for Pisces people. You will be determined to succeed in whatever venture you embark on. You are likely to show strong leadership qualities to those around you and you will focus on being independent and bold. Your voice will be heard; others will follow and really listen to what you have to say.

February -This spell will find you in a more reflective state. You will be particularly intuitive, in touch with other people’s emotion s as well as your own. It could be a mystical time for some Pisces individuals where spirituality is likely to be your main focus. You will be generous with your time and ready to tackle your own personal problems in a more grounded and mature way.

March – You will be confident and very self-assured this month. Whatever course of action you decide to take, you will have sufficient self-conviction to determine that it is the right way. You will be bold in decision making and ready to meet any issues head on. In work, your seniors will be impressed with your ability, common sense approach to matter in hand and maturity.

April – You will be dealing with a lot of money related issues during this periodand my 2018 horoscope predicts that any financial speculations you make will be fruitful. You will not indulge in impulsive spending; rather you will be taking a more careful and measured approach to your finances. Lady Luck will smile on your ability to make money and you will feel that your whole life is gradually being turned around and your lifestyle is really improving.

May – This is likely to be a time where your resolve to eat more healthily weakens. I foresee cravings for the wrong things and some indulgence in the form of binge eating and drinking. It might be that your energy levels have dropped and you are trying to boost your general vitality. Certa, nly you will be less focused and are likely to give in more easily to faddy eating.

June – Pisces monthly horoscope 2018 portents suggest you could be subject to some joint pain. This could be caused by injury or simply bad posture when sitting for too long in front of a computer monitor. Either way, your shoulders, neck and knees are likely to be vulnerable. You might benefit from visiting your GP for some advice. Nothing serious is indicated, but if you ignore the initial symptoms the discomfort could worsen and become more problematic.

July – This will be a significant July in many ways. There are likely to be changes around you, both in your workplace and in your personal life. Some of the changes you will have purposefully initiated, others may happen naturally and unexpectedly. Be prepared for a few surprises which could make you feel both excited as well as apprehensive about your future path.

August – This is an excellent holiday month. You will feel unable to focus on business or work matters for long periods of time and you are likely to welcome any distractions that come your way. It might be best simply to take time out and relax for a bit. The chances are that you will feel suitably refreshed and regenerated to face the challenges that await you as well as meeting head on with some difficult characters who seem hell-bent in throwing you off course.

September – You may need to watch your biorhythms this month. Your health could be at risk if you don’t stop fretting and fail to take things in your stride. You may feel that your life has spiralled out of control and that you are on your own. This is not true; it is just your perception of how things are.

October – This month will be slightly crazy where there will be far too much going on. You will lack focus and feel bewildered by the speed of events and the changes around you. At home, you may imagine you are on an emotional roller-coaster and as a result, you will feel unsettled and distracted. This feeling will pass and you will be acutely aware that your life is moving forwards in a way that pleases you.

November – This could be a tricky period where you will struggle with work colleagues and with changes in your work. You might well seek advice from seniors and you should listen very carefully to what they say. If you ignore this advice, you are likely to feel even more bewildered. Their advice could suggest becoming more flexible and not to let your stubborn streak win the day.

December – You are likely to feel you have reached the end of the learning curve this month, 2018 Capricorn. For sure, you will feel more settled and more grounded. Men and women born under the sign of the fish will be able to look forward, not backwards to the exciting new future that beckons to them.

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