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Pisces Character – Man And Woman

Pisces woman

Man and woman traits - PiscesThe Pisces lady will certainly enclose herself within a heady cloud of womanly mystique. To find happiness, she requires a traditional kind of guy who can safeguard her and take care of her practically, while she pays attention to all his troubles and offers him all the psychological propping up he could ever need.

She is super-womanly all the year around and guys will certainly be attracted to her like bees to the honeypot. She relaxes them totally but don’t be tricked completely, for once married, the Pisces lady could be very high maintenance.

She will constantly be subtle though she can likewise be misleading. She’s dreamy and delightfully vague, pretending she does not understand the allure of cash, yet she’ll constantly manage to dress exceptionally. She will certainly have a lot of behavioural swings and will be horribly sentimental.

She could cry and cry if her feelings are wounded. She will certainly offer the perception that she is hopelessly ill-equipped to take part in any kind of fighting. This is not the situation. She is blessed with a deep wisdom and understanding of other people. She does find it difficult to overcome her native timidity and self-doubts, nonetheless.

The Pisces female will certainly cover her shyness with jokes, sophisticated verses and an outwardly independent individuality. Nonetheless, this is all a protective cloak worn to conceal her uncertainty from people who could wound her caring heart. Commonly, Pisces woman will almost certainly be talented in writing, imaginative verse and popular music.

Her necessity to belong to someone is strong and she will constantly provide her full heart to her young brood if she has one. The uglier, sick or unsteady they are, the more she will love them the most.

Pisces woman is packed with a deep sensitivity for the youthful and at risk. She will make any kind of sacrifice for her children though she will be challenged to manage her self-control. In fact, she might be guilty of an overabundance of softness.

Pisces female will certainly take pleasure in being at the house with her youthful offspring. She will gladly permit the guy in her life to be the major earner and professional. She will constantly love the sea and all its mysteries. Be sure never ever to forget her birthday or any other important anniversaries. She never ever will.

Pisces Man

This individual is spiritual, creative, and inventive by character. He has little worldly passion and wealth holds very little attraction for him – though he does not mind investing any cash that comes by his means. He is more mindful of the temporal quality of cash than many for the normal Neptune heart is devoid of greed.

Taking the easiest route is a trap for the Piscean man. The Pisces symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions indicates that Neptune individuals are born with 2 choices, either to swim to the top, which numerously they do or to swim to the bottom and never reach their goals…which numerous of them also do.

Pisces guy will either have quite pretty feet or big feet and will appear to slide along as he walks. His skin will be silky soft and the hair is frequently wavy and fine. The Piscean male’s eyes are like liquid, often heavy-lidded and loaded with a myriad of shimmering lights. Some Piscean eyes are rather beautiful. Piscean guy’s facial structures are elastic and mobile. Often, Pisceans are actually tall and sometimes their bodies can be awkwardly developed.

Piscean guys are quick to appreciate fluids of any kind, whether it is a love of tea or coffee or something more powerful. Unfortunately, it’s also true that lots of Pisceans find enticing escape in the drink. It fills them with an enjoyable false sense of safety. There is a higher percentage of alcoholics born under this indication than any other.

This man will desire to see the world through rose-tinted glasses and he is entirely disinclined to deal with ugliness. Rather he will escape to his own watery and gentle world where ugliness doesn’t exist. Not all Piscean individuals attempt to escape from the truth by this means, however, an awful lot of them do.

Piscean men in some cases have a problem concentrating on the route straight ahead and this is a typical part of their character. He will frequently retreat, either to the superb heights of a dedicated expert life or to stimulants, beverage, psychological and false excitement.

Many Piscean men are talented stars. Their power of memory is fabulous. To every Piscean, life is like a big stage. They accept the storms in life with tranquil equilibrium. They are frequently highly intuitive and susceptible to having precognitive dreams. It generally does work out that if the Pisces man has a feeling then something will happen.

Pisces represents fatality and eternity. The fish is the twelfth symbol in the zodiac, a composite of all that has actually gone before and his nature is a blend of all the other signs, yet he is still mutable. He loves all music and art and has deep compassion for others.

Generally Pisces guy will not take good care of himself since he will spend all his extra energy helping those less lucky. Pisces guy will most likely have a slow metabolic rate. The lungs are not strong and often Pisces man has weak toes and ankles.

His character suggests he is a master of satire and he will cast caustic observations around him like flashing lights. He will be a master of useful jokes and will use laughter as a mask when he wishes to disguise his real sensations and feelings.

Pisces guy shares a deep compassion and pity for the weak and unwell. Many Piscean guys turn to faith or become monks because his first impulse is to assist others so he will absorb all the pain and delight of others as if they are his own.

A Pisces man can be anything a lady wants him to be or everything she doesn’t desire him to be. Normal Pisces man will talk slowly, think carefully and attempt to mind his own company even though all his friends and associates will lay their troubles at his doorstep.

Too much togetherness can spoil love with a Pisces man. He will require space to breathe. He is painfully timid and could be quickly hurt. He can be a bit tough to fathom but he will see all the subtleties of others. Yet he can quickly trick others. He will participate in moderate deception since he likes to exercise a little harmless make-believe. He does appreciate appeal in others and he will stare at other women, however he will be a gentle husband, who is both a charming fan and a friend for life.


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