Pisces – Child Characteristics

Pisces Zodiac Astrology : Pisces Child

Pisces Child. This child will charm you to death in order to get his own way, which he always will. He can turn on the sweetest smile and show such winning ways that will surely melt your heart.

Piscean children are natural actors and actresses. They are born with a quality of make-believe and pretend that will always drench them in mystery. They prefer the world of fantasy far removed from everyday routines. They are highly imaginative and many of them have natural spiritual qualities.

The Piscean child can be quite difficult for parents who are trying to establish some sort of pattern in their lives. This is a child who will only eat when he’s hungry and will want to stay up late to see the stars and the moon.

He may be a bit uncertain about his abilities and will need a lot of encouragement and attention. He will also enjoy times alone.

Many Piscean boys and girls are artistic and most of them love music and dancing. They will read all kinds of books and are particularly good at story-telling. Yet, they will also have an uncanny grasp of the most abstract theories behind algebra and geometry, even if they struggle with Maths as a subject.

The Pisces child will follow his own rules and will sometimes find it hard to cope with the ugly realities of life. He will usually try to find an outlet in writing, music, painting or acting.

He will need protecting against harsh realities, but as he matures, he may surprise you and bring home one of his silvery dreams that have become a reality and made him astonishingly successful.

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