2019 Pisces Monthly Astrology Summary

Monthly Zodiac Study And Analysis

20th Feb – 20th Mar

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January – You may not feel very sociable this month, partly because there are some big decisions to make regarding a change in your career direction. You may need to take some time out to think about things. Don’t be drawn to the alcohol to induce a haze where you thoughts lack clarity. If you keep a clear head and an open mind, you will make the right decision.

February – For those Pisces folk who feel they never get lucky, no matter what they do, you may be pleasantly surprised this month. If your career has been in the doldrums, you will find that new opportunities come your way. If you have been unlucky in love, things are about to change dramatically. All this will happen in the least likely of places. This could be a really passionate and fulfilling month for you when everything goes your way and you don’t really have to try very hard at all.

March – This month will be more structured than usual and you could find your self-discipline and motivation improves as a result of the structure. Others may find seniors intimidating, but not you. You are likely to get more and more done in work and you will still have enough energy left to party and enjoy time with your friends and loved ones. Things will go your way and you could even meet someone really special.

April – Pisces monthly studies show that this looks like a very productive month for those born under the sign of Pisces. You will find yourself more ready to speak openly and honestly with the people that really matter in your life. It is an excellent time to talk frankly with your seniors at work and draw their attention to the excellent benefits you bring to the company. There could be a pay rise in this or better working conditions. In some way, you will benefit.

May – This is a month where you will be in a partying mood. Friends and relatives will happily go along with you and join in many jolly get-togethers and social events. You may not have time for any serious conversation, but you should try not overdo things especially not drinking too much alcohol. Watch your diet too. If you are troubled by IBS I can recommend taking peppermint supplements or drinking green tea.

June – This will be a quiet month for Pisces people when your heads will face downwards. Work will become more important to you and meeting targets and deadlines will preoccupy you most. It is unlikely that you will get side-tracked, not even by best friends. You can be proud of your self-discipline and organisation. For once you will not listen to gossip and stay focused.

July – This is likely to be a romantic month for Pisces when you will be able to share intimate moments without the rest of the world getting in the way. There are lots of little changes going on in your everyday life, but nothing that makes you feel nervous, unsettled or restless. Changes can be positive and you will feel this in your gut.

August – Pisces monthly charts reveal there could be a real breakthrough in romantic relationships. Life will be rosy and you will feel happy. There could also be some unexpected news of a job offer or even a promotion. If a new job doesn’t appear, it could be an excellent month to apply for one. You have the right qualifications and experience. Just be confident in your abilities and watch those head turn!

September – You may need to keep your head this month and not give way to frustration or immature bouts of anger. If people in authority annoy, you, you should try not to be too outspoken or controversial. You may discover some insights into an important relationship. Try to stay calm and keep optimistic about your future. It looks very bright.

October – This month you may come up against people who deliberately try to annoy you. If you can stay in control they will have more respect for you. It may be difficult to see the benefits of staying calm, but, in the end, you will be the victor. Patience and discretion are key to a tricky situation.

November – There could be a very enjoyable holiday towards the end of this month. Taking time away from it all may be just the tonic you need. If you feel run down and that others are taking advantage of you, now is the time to take a break and enjoy some peace. If tongues are wagging, let them. If you have made a difficult decision, stick to your guns. The end result will come out in your favour.

December – If you feel a bit jaded, try not to let others get to you. This month could prove a bit of a mixed bag where emotions run high and people say things they almost immediately regret. Keep your cool, keep your own counsel and you should be fine. You may find yourself thinking deeply about past misdemeanours, but try not to dwell on them. Look forward and keep your head held high. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of Pisces.

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