Oak Tree Horoscope 2020 – Mystic Celtic Tree Astrology

OAK – The Stabiliser

Jun 10 – Jul 7

Primary Celtic Animal: The Wren

Celtic Mythical Character: The Dagda

Men and women born under the Celtic tree sign of the oak are known for their physical strength and strength of character. They can often be found championing the rights of those less able and are very protected by nature. They are very confident individuals and always striving for the positive. They also great teachers and love to pass on their wisdom to others.

2020 looks very much like a year to consider new opportunities and ventures according to my oak tree horoscope analysis. Strong druid factors indicate that it is time to consider areas of life that you have been dissatisfied with and consider taking action. Focus particularly on areas you normally enjoy and love but may have fallen into routine or boredom. Aim to address them and you will be very happy with how you have moved forward at the end of the year.

Romantically this will be a very positive year for oak people. Fertility will be high and partnerships will be very loving, intimate and in harmony. There is a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment to be had from personal relationships in 2020. Oak people whether in a relationship or looking for one should prioritise their efforts this year. Singletons have a very good chance of meeting a true love of their lives with the opportunity to settle down with that person fairly quickly.

2020 is a year that will offer a number of challenges in the workplace, both physical and mental, so be prepared for a slog at times. The oak person must maintain good discipline and make sure their efforts professionally is well directed. It is very likely that a great deal of time and energy will need to be invested in professional commitments to ensure the wanted results are achieved. As a result there will be occasions when the oak person will find professional life quite hard to manage or difficult to handle. However it is in the nature of these people to continue to be optimistic and their self-confidence, backed by success. Will stand them in very good stead. Despite periods of challenge this will overall be a very good year for oak professionals or workers who should be able to look back on a successful time albeit a demanding one.

Financially this should be a pleasing year for oak men and women. My oak tree horoscope indicates that there is good fortune due and there may well be additional income early in the year. This may be from an unexpected or surprising source but will be well deserved and welcomed. Later in the zodiac year, these people will be more confident in the management of their finances which may lead to some altruistic commitments within the community. Financially this should also be a lucky spell so it’s highly likely you will look back on this year with financial enjoyment.

Oak people will need to give their health and well-being some attention in 2020. My oak tree horoscope suggests that for many there may be concerns about weight. This may well need to be a priority for you in 2020. Psychologically you will be strong, much stronger than the previous year and better placed to understand your body and physical well-being. Look at your situation, especially of waiters involved, and analyse what needs to be done to progress. This is a cycle where your own intuition will stand you in good stead so listen to your body and behave accordingly.

2020 is a year where the oak person should prioritise themselves over many other areas of their lives. Relationship matters look particularly strong this year and the first third of 2020 is a time to look at your romantic position. The middle part of the year will see you full of energy and looking for outlets to use it. Seek and ye shall find. There may also be some challenges in the workplace during the middle third of the year. The final part of the year is a time to look at whether any important decisions need to be made and how you tend to address those moving into the following year.

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