Male and Female Qualities – Scorpio

Scorpio Traits – Masculine And Feminine

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio Scorpio man and womanguy has an outwardly well-controlled nature. You will rarely see his emotions reflected across his frozen immobile face. However, his eyes will be hypnotic and intense, no matter what colour they are and they will bore holes into you mercilessly as if he is trying to penetrate your soul.

Scorpio man has a total ego; he knows exactly what he is and what he is not. Very few Scorpios will be of a nervous disposition. Most of them have powerful physiques. His complexion will be quite pale and his features will be sharp. However, he will have a crackling electric vitality about his personality that will give him away. The poised surface calm of the Pluto character is carefully designed to hide a boiling inner nature.

Inside he is tough and determined. If you ask his opinion or advice and you are of a sensitive nature, be prepared for a brutally honest reply. Scorpio man will never pay a false compliment to anyone and it is beneath him to flatter. If he says something nice, you can be sure it’s sincere and comes from the heart.

Scorpio man naturally attracts fiercely loyal admirers or envious spiteful enemies, who will give him grudging respect. Be careful of Scorpio’s inner power because he is governed by Pluto, the planet of nuclear power.

He can offer gentle sympathy with sick people and his touch can be cool and tender. But he can also imitate the scorpion who can sting others and may even sting itself to death for the pure pleasure of stinging. A few Scorpio people can become neurotic about self-sacrifice and their psychic abilities make them fearful of lurking evils that can strike at any moment. Some Scorpio men actively seek dark shadows and then lie dormant, yet will never slide so completely into the slime of depression that they completely lose the power Pluto endows them with.

There are some Scorpio men who have no fear of anything and are capable of leading men into battle without the slightest tremor in the face of death. The average Scorpio man will bravely face anything from physical pain and poverty to ridicule and failure with a complete confidence in their own inner ability to overcome any blow.

Scorpio man will be intensely loyal to friends and will literally lay down his life for others, should the need arise. Picture a Scorpion fireman braving the flames to save a child, or the Scorpio soldier braving bullets to drag his fellow soldier to safety.

Scorpio man never forgets a gift or a kindness, but he also remembers an injustice or injury. He will sting back and, if necessary, to the death. The Scorpio man can harbour bitterness for many years, seeking revenge upon someone who has wronged them.

Scorpio man’s health can destroy his body with excesses, melancholy, hard work, but he can also build it back again from critical illness. Pluto’s power is immensely strong. Scorpio men are seldom sick, but if they are, it is usually serious. The weak areas are the reproductive organs, circulatory system, the nose and throat, the heart, spine, back, legs and ankles. Varicose veins and sporting injuries are also common in Scorpio man. Many Scorpio men deliberately choose occupations where they flirt with danger.

Scorpio is intensely interested in religion, and the phases of life and death, passionately drawn to sex and a desire to reform. He can be heroic, and dedicated to family ties, love and gently protect children and weaker souls. He can be a saint or a sinner.

He will be fiercely possessive of what he believes is his, but his ambition is never obvious. Many Scorpio men become life-saving surgeons, politicians, TV stars, undertakers or bartenders, but whatever they do they will do it all effortlessly.

One of the stranger patterns in astrology is the death of a relative in the family either a year before or the year after the birth of a Scorpio. When a Scorpio dies, there will be a birth in the family, before the year, within the year, or the year after that passing. Symbolically, the phoenix rising is the Pluto symbol and accordingly Scorpio represents the symbolism of a return from the grave.

Scorpio man is passionate about politics, work, friendships, religion, food, relatives, children, clothing, life, death and any other category. Outwardly he is calm and steady, but inwardly he will be passionate and dangerously so.

This man is invincible. Behind his frosty reserve is a huge pot of boiling steam. He will bewilder you with his twin Scorpio traits of passion and reason. He is master of both and intellect and emotions rule him equally. He is deeply philosophical and concerned with the mysteries of existence, yet his true nature is sensual.

He will naturally surround himself with luxuries and will lean towards excesses in food, drugs, drink and love.

Scorpio man has an explosive temper and can strike a lifetime wound.

Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio lady has a deep mysterious beauty. She will be magnetic, proud and totally confident. Her deepest regret in life is that she was not born a man. Yet she is glamorous, seductive and one hundred percent woman. However, deep down she would prefer not to have the restrictions that are synonymous with the female of the species. Despite this, she will always make the best out of any situation.

Scorpio women have a scornful contempt for members of their own sex who meekly play the roles of a sweetheart, housewife and mother. The Scorpio woman will control her desire to dominate until she has landed her man.

She is an accomplished seductress and she knows it. Scorpio women can look seductive in almost anything they choose to wear. She will look right through members of the opposite sex with a mysterious penetrating stare. Many Scorpio women will know, even at a first glance, who their life-partner will be. A Scorpio woman will stand by her man no matter what. A relationship with her will be real and honest. She will answer to no law other than her own

Hell hath no fury like the Scorpio woman who has lost control over her inwardly seething Pluto emotions. She can be overbearing, domineering, sarcastic and frigid yet she can turn as hot as an erupting volcano. She can hate with a bitter venom and yet love with a fierce abandon. Such is the dichotomy of her sign. One thing is for certain, she will never be wishy-washy.

Once her eyes meet yours, there is no escape from her deeply penetrating glare. She is born with a mystical sixth sense. Men are either hopelessly caught in her spell or scared out of their wits.

Scorpio woman is master of her own destiny. A Scorpio woman will never excuse any form of weakness in a man. She wants a mate who will dominate her and make her proud without disturbing her secret individuality. She likes men who are strong, masculine, better looking than average and with a high degree of intelligence that can match her own.

The men who get close to Scorpio women will be unique and unusual. Her love for her man will be unmatched. Her man will be the most important interest in her life and she will boost his ego loyally and with passionate intensity.

The typical Scorpio woman will always allow her man to be boss and she will always apply all her talents to help him meet his goals. She won’t stand for anyone maligning her other half and she will put her husband’s happiness first before her own. However, she will expect her man to aim as high as he possibly can reach.

Scorpio woman is brimming over with passion though she keeps it well under control with her poised, frosty attitude towards strangers and her surface impenetrable smoothness. She will never be just slightly interested in anyone. She can‘t be detached or casual. It is not in her nature. Yet she can remain outwardly unmoved by emotional storms.

Scorpio woman has many fabulous virtues but also many vices. She will sometimes wander in dangerous waters in her attempts to penetrate the meaning of life and her search may take her to some weird places.

The typical Scorpio woman will show no sign of fear and only if her inner spirit is soiled will Pluto punish her with anguish, remorse and guilt. She can still call on her great strength of character to rise from the ashes of her experimentation like the phoenix. She can keep secrets easily and is a superb confidante. She has a very private part to her person which no one can get close to. She will be brutally honest and won’t confide her deepest feelings to anyone.

Scorpio woman will be incredibly loyal to the strong and deserving, but she will not even glance in the direction of the weak. This dignity can make her seem aloof and snobbish. All Scorpios are highly selective in friendships but she’ll keep worthy companions through life.

She has an immense store of perseverance and determination. She may be interested in ancient mysteries, in drugs or the occult. Her interests can range from religious fervour to total atheism in one lifetime.

Scorpio woman loves her home and it will always shine with cleanliness, good taste and comfort. Her natural inclination is towards beauty and system. Spring cleaning is like a vacation her to her.

Scorpio woman will never express her deepest feelings. She needs security and roots but she will move if this means promotion in her man’s career.

In the budget department Scorpio woman can be completely unpredictable. She can scrimp and save with the best but then have a sudden spell of extravagance. She will always enjoy money whether she saves it or spends it on some luxury. She will always lean heavily towards prestige and she won’t let cash compromise that.

Scorpio females like power and they will sacrifice much for it. She’s too proud to live in shabby surroundings and she’ll be possessive but she won’t want to be possessed. Her natural interest in the opposite sex may give her man good cause to be jealous because she’ll fascinate every male in sight, however these liaisons will seldom lead into something more serious.

She will always get the last word. The Scorpio sense of justice is very strong, as strong as her sense of revenge, so it doesn’t pay to cross this woman. She will also remember every kindness and give back double compared with what she gets.

With her children she may lack tenderness and open demonstrations of affection but the youngsters will sense her deep devotion to them and she won’t let their talents go unnoticed. Her offspring will find her strong and helpful encouraging them to strive towards higher goals. She will teach them to meet the difficulties in life with her own courage and she may well drown them in her passion for living. She is a little dangerous but undeniably exciting.


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