2018 Libra Monthly Horoscope Summary

Month By Month Forecasting For Librans

September 24th – October 23rd

Month-wise, this looks like a bitter-sweet Libra Year for the men and women of this Zodiac sign. Learn what you need to know to help navigate the sunny and stormy road of 2018.

January – This could be a tense month for those born under the sign of the Scales. Certainly, I sense there will be worry and anxiety around you. If you can talk with others, particularly friends and family, this will help to alleviate some of the burdens. Sometimes if you off-load to others, this is all that is needed to make you feel less anxious. Take time out, if you can, and breathe deeply. If you are drawn to a mountain retreat, then go, Fresh air will do you the world of good.

February – This is an extremely romantic time for those born under the sign of Libran. You will experience excellent compatibility with loved ones and in partnerships, there are going to be some very happy times. Even if you are not feeling on top of the world at the beginning of the month, by the end of it you will have a real skip in your step.

March – You will still be feeling your best this month, due, in part, to the rejuvenating times spent with your partner and loved ones. While your romantic life will still be beautiful, you may feel a slight strain in your chest. Your body could be asking you to avoid unnecessary strain, related to your heart. Take care that you don’t overdo cardio exercise and cause yourself some damage.

April – If you are tempted to overspend this month, try to resist the urges. This is likely to be a very social period in the Libran calendar and you may need to watch any potential strain on your finances. You will be in great demand on the social circuit and others will seek out your company. This will bring out your fun-loving side and make you even more popular. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol, particularly wine.

May – Once again you will be in great demand in personal and professional circles. You are naturally charming and sociable which makes you very attractive to others. It might seem that everyone wants a small piece of you and you may find this just a little bit annoying. Despite your irritation, you will present a convivial persona and others will be completely blown away by your conversational prowess, articulation and ability to present arguments so logically at lightning speed.

June – This could be the month where you need to be mindful of both your health and your working environment. There might be a close friend who challenges your thinking in an unacceptable way. If you pull back from this relationship, it would be no bad thing. In work, you may feel undermined by someone who normally works alongside you. If this is the case, try not to be too offended. This negativity comes from a deeply rooted insecurity in your colleague.

July – Analysing the Libra monthly horoscope 2018 insights indicates that this is a very spiritual phase for men and women born under the sign of Libra. For those who are non-religious, you may feel the need to start believing in God. Your intuition is likely to be unusually finely-tuned and you are likely to sense a great deal. If you feel under pressure from other to conform to a pattern of belief that is not your own, don’t be bullied. Stick to what your gut is telling you.

August – You may feel less amenable to those around you in August. Small things could irritate you and you could become tetchy quite quickly. It is a good time to take life at a slower pace and avoid confrontation with others, well-meaning as they are. If there is a family issue that worries you, it might be best to bring it out in the open and clear the air.

September – This is an extremely upbeat and positive month for folk born under the air sign of Libran. If you fancy a few personal treats, then go for them. My 2018 horoscope suggests that holding back is not a good idea. Getting hair and nails done might seem like a good idea. Clearing out wardrobes and having fun with makeovers, new styles and new lingerie (for the females) will all provide a source of great satisfaction and fun.

October – This is a very positive month for anything to do with money and finances. You will prosper and make good financial decisions that could reward you well in the future. In your personal life, also it will be a very pleasant time. Partnerships are highlighted and time spent with loved ones will be very beneficial to you both. Your understanding of one another will heighten and improve. For those who are single, this could be a good month to meet some new. Certainly, there could be someone who you find attractive because of the twinkle in their eye.

November – Your finances are likely to be in spectacular order this month and as a result of this, personal relationships will benefit and your own inner peace and harmony will be restored. You will feel extremely positive and optimistic about the future. People will be drawn to you for your good humour and sensible advice. If there are any social events in your calendar, the chances are that you will end up as the life and soul of the party.

December – You could feel a bit nostalgic at this time of year, 2018 Libra!. If you have lost loved ones, your thoughts might turn to them. Memories from childhood could come flooding back to you for absolutely no logical reason. If you are in a sentimental mood, it may be best to go with the flow and let the year meet its end without too much ado. If you find yourself reflecting on some of the challenges you have had to face this year, you can feel proud that you have met them all



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