Leo Annual Horoscope For The 2018 Period

Family and Friendship Insights

Leo symbology graphicFor those born under the fire sign of the Lion, Leo 2018 might prove to be the year when they are called to be extremely flexible, to step outside their normal comfort zone and to adapt to circumstances outside their direct control. If you’re in need of some character building, this is the year to make it happen.

You may be faced with some family problems where youngsters come to you for advice and counsel. Be careful not to get too emotionally drained by demands made on your time so that you can avoid making rash, impulsive and hasty decisions.

Time will seem to move on more quickly than normal this year and my 2018 horoscope predicts that Leo folk could find there are many people seeking them out for different reasons, far more than they bargained for. Your stress levels could be high, particularly at the beginning of the year, but as things move on life will settle down, become easier all round and a bit more predictable.

The end of the year is likely to be the time when you can really relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. All your efforts will have paid dividends by then and you will realise that, for once, the additional stress was worth it.

Romantic Possibilities And Compatibility

In love, Leo folk are likely to be facing some major changes and upheavals due to their personalities and traits. Their emotions may be all over the place, my 2018 horoscope is telling me, and there will be a degree of pain as well as pleasure. Whether they are in relationships or not, they will be facing some tricky times ahead. The wise Lion will stick to their usual charming strategies in love-making and stay true to themselves. This will ultimately bring potential new partners towards them. Despite the emotional trauma Lions will face in 2018, ironically, there are many strong indications to suggest they are still going to be having a great time.

My love horoscope study reveals that, as one of the most charming and erotic of the sun signs, Leo folk are naturally romantic and completely at ease with their sexuality. For those who are single, there are likely to be innumerable romantic liaisons lined up for them during many Leo months and it will be up to them to do the choosing.

If you are already in a partnership, then you might need to ensure that when you talk intimately with loved ones there are no misunderstandings and the lines of communication are fully and frankly open. This could be the year when compromise is the best policy, on both sides. My strong recommendation is for complete clarity and honesty always.

Employment And Job Overview

Leo people could be faced with many unexpected twists and turns in their career. There are likely to be unexpected opportunities for advancement as well as the usual ups and downs that come with a busy working life. In some cases, I foresee the need to adjust and readjust methods and strategies in order to achieve the desired aim. You may have to re-work things to suit your goals. Although this looks like causing some frustration, the end result will be worth it,

It is likely to be necessary for Lion folk to keep their eye on the goals ahead and plan their career advancement carefully, despite the tricky situations they may meet along the way.

Fiscal Insight And Monetary Management

Speaking in very general terms, the finances of Lion folk are set to improve a lot this year. However, being forewarned is being forearmed. There could be some unforeseen expenditure which could catch you unawares in the summer months. As a direct consequence of this, you may decide to cash in some of your investments and look at other options open to you. Providing you are prudent, there should be no problem with cash flow though some younger members in your family may put unwanted financial pressure on you.

If you decide to sell your home, there is the chance to make a really good profit. However, if you are buying somewhere new, take care that you are not overpaying for the privilege.

Fitness And Health Pointers

2018 horoscope study indicates that although Leo men and women are normally very robust, this year could possibly cause them some health problems if they do not look after themselves properly. Taking regular exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of vegetables will be important to their constitution.

There could be some weaknesses in body and soul in 2018 which might need to be addressed. If stress levels get too high, it may be necessary to combat this through meditation or Yoga.

Through eating lots of green things and mainly organic fruit and vegetables, people born under the fire sign of the Lion can improve their overall well-being and reduce the risk of getting ill.

I recommend some weeks of complete relaxation, getting away from everything, perhaps going back to nature so these fire sign people can keep fit and alert throughout the year.

Angharad Reese

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