2018 Leo Monthly Horoscope Insight

Month By Month Predictive Summary For Leo

July 23rd – August 21st

Month-wise, 2018 looks like a Leo year well worth reading up on for these individuals. Look over the key possibilities below and consider how you might be affected.

January – There’s a buzz in the air this period that begins the 2018 cycle. It’s going to be an exciting time when you will need to be fit and feel energetic. Both work and family are likely to be challenging but in a positive way and you will feel energised by the presence of young people. It’s a great month for kick-starting the new year. Be sure to get enough rest to keep up with the pace of events around you.

February – This has the potential to be an extremely romantic time for Lion people my Leo love horoscope suggests. If you are thinking about extending your family, planning for a new baby, this is an excellent month for conception. It will also be a very pleasurable spell for those not interested in having more children. You could find yourself in a very convivial company and you will enjoy partying and being part of a wider social group.

March – If you have been feeling a bit down in the dumps, maybe because you are exhausted, this is the month to put on a brave face and embrace the changes around you. Everything has an upside and a downside. If you focus more on the positive, things will be better for you in the long run. Listen to a good friend’s advice. There will be someone in your social circle who will be able to give you good counsel.

April – Your finances will be in great shape during this phase and there could be an influx of money which you didn’t know was coming. This will mean that you can fulfil some of your wishes or desires. It could be a lucky time for you in all aspects of your financial dealings so don’t hold back. Feel free to splash the cash and enjoy the rewards of your hard labours.

May – You may need to watch your health my Leo monthly horoscope 2018 study shows. Try not to over-indulge yourself with food and/or wine. Simple natural and herbal remedies may be the answer for quick relief, though if you completely ignore symptoms you may need to consult expert medical help in the longer term. Despite feeling a bit fragile, you should be delighted with the way your career is taking off and any business deals you arrange will sway in your favour. Try not to be overly smug when those around you observe and comment on your success.

June – If you felt physically fragile last month, in June your emotions may be a bit topsy-turvy. It could be that you have pushed yourself a bit too hard in previous periods and this has taken its toll. Whatever is the root cause, you will still be outwardly successful and everything you set out to do will be achievable. If you can organise a short break, and get away from it all, this could help you stabilise your emotions and make you less vulnerable in the face of adversity.

July – This month could find you in a reflective mood where you are likely to become philosophical about some of the big questions in life. You may seek answers to spiritual questions by consulting knowledgeable others. This could also be the month where some personal research leads you to some of the answers and explanations that you seek. Suffice to say you will be wiser at the end of the month than you were at the beginning.

August – You would be wise to keep your own counsel during this 31-day zodiac period. It is unlikely that you will make any important decisions since you will not have all the information you need to do so. You would be wise to wait for this month to pass before making up your mind one way or the other. Try to resist the influence of others who may want to push you in a certain direction.

September – Working at relationships in September will pay dividends in October. You are likely to need some of your diplomatic skills to deal with a family matter which involves hot-headed youngsters. You will have realised a long time ago that young people have to make up their own minds about their course of action. However, with a very careful choice of words, you may be able to steer things in the direction you would prefer.

October – If you have been over-doing things this may show in your overall health and well-being. Tiredness may overcome you and it could be a simple case of taking things easy, slowing down your pace and eating regular home-cooked meals. If you listen to your body, all will be well, but if you continue to burn the candle at both ends, you could end up suffering from both fatigue and exhaustion.

November – Your friends and family will need you in November. The likelihood is that you will need them too. Zodiac November is set to be a relaxing Leo horoscope month where time is spent with friends and family. It’s a time to enjoy yourself and relax. Take time out and don’t feel guilty.

December – In this Leo month your life will change for the better this month. You are most likely to notice a steady improvement as the month moves on. You will be in high spirits around the festive period and your social calendar is likely to be full. I foresee lots of fun, laughter and comedy in the life of Leo people. Some of you could take to the stage, a place where many of you feel right at home.

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