Guy and Girl Personalities – Leo

Leo Personal Qualities – Both Genders

Leo Man

LeoPMainAll Leo men delight in living it up in the more pleasurable ways, whether at home or under the bright lights. Leo guy hates darkness and monotony.

Even the gentle Leo man will assume his royal right to rule friends and household alike. These individuals walk directly and proud with the smooth glide of cats’ paws. These guys hardly ever speak fast, run or even walk quickly.

This is a guy who will seek the personal spotlight rather than togetherness in a team. The hair will either be dark or red-blonde, normally wavy in an extremely negligent style. His manner will constantly be slightly superior and if the truth is told, a bit condescending.

Many of these people become instructors or educators of some kind. They likewise make great politicians and psychiatrists. He has a natural superiority and exceptional abilities, however, he will also possess a deeply rooted susceptibility in his ego. He will appear mortally wounded if his generosity and knowledge are not appreciated. His vanity is his weak point. The absence of respect will blind him with rage and sometimes this can make him incapable of well-balanced judgement.

In lots of ways he is very astute and an exceptional organiser. Since he is master of all animals and speaks with straightforward speech, even if he is a bit theatrical he will give effective commands.

As a host, he will be excellent and his visitors will desire for nothing. You will feel that you are being romanced in a royal palace. Leo people surround their visitors with outstanding food, the finest cuisine, the best wines and gorgeous surroundings.

There are a couple of guys who wind up alone in life. There’s typically a paramour hiding in the lion’s lair somewhere and if not, he will be really recently broken up with somebody or married. The fiery pride of this sign triggers a lot of broken love affairs. A lion minus a mate is a woeful pathetic sight.

Part of his nature is to forgive so there will be many settlement’s and fireworks in the Leo guy’s psychological life. He’s practically continuously in the throes of passion not just with the opposite sex, but with life itself. Life without love for the Leo guy resembles meat without salt.

Leo man delights in presuming obligation and likes individuals to depend on him. Really few men of this sign are careful with money and he can be rather a lavish spender. Leo males will be mortified if they need to turn to others for any kind of monetary aid or support. He will dress expensively and always look well-turned out. He has a huge generous heart and will offer money to virtually anybody for any great cause.

He vulnerable to accidents and unexpected terrible ailments, though he is usually fairly immune to chronic  diseases, Leo guy tends to run high fevers. This man will hardly ever do anything by half measure, so he will either be not long for this world or have incredible vigor and fortitude. He craves affection and recognition. He will either have a very strong heart or some small weak point in the heart location. He could experience discomfort in the shoulders and back and have spine difficulties or issues relating to the reproductive body organs. He could experience hoarseness of the voice or sore throats. He will constantly, by selection, play the duty of the strong and will recover well from bouts of sickness. His main risk is recklessness with his own well-being.

The Leo man has a set nature. He never shirks his responsibility and will make a fiercely faithful pal whether he’s a quiet lion or a flamboyant one.

Leo guy loves an audience, craves their flattery, regard and adoration. He will just ever act the role of the meek soul for underneath his polite manner there is a smouldering fire of proud dignity prepared to flame up and burn anybody who thinks they cannot be ruled by him.

His worst fault is jealousy and possessiveness. Teasing him by an occasional flirtation with a peer is not a sensible step with this man. The Leo man can flatten any rivals and land them in the hospital, so be cautioned.

He requires a mate with security to balance his unreasonable pride. He does not need an occupation or want a girl; he requires somebody on his arm that is trendy and queenly, yet going on to play the domestic role. Her incentives will be great for Leo man can offer deep love. He will be generous to a fault and completely devoted. He might well savour a couple of evenings out with the boys and could be susceptible to an unexpected gambling urge to pay off a few financial obligations. He will always purchase the very best whether or not he can manage it. He is also really useful and efficient dealing with virtually anything. A great number of these guys can take engines apart piece by piece, fix them, and put them back together again. He might well be a talented carpenter.

He will be the life and soul at celebrations and could well reveal open appreciation of many others lovely faces, but he will be too lazy to do anything serious other than admire, though he might have a few cheerful frolics. He will enjoy sports as a young guy but will also take pleasure in viewing them on television as he gets older while you wait on him hand and foot, in true regal manner.

Leo’s rarely raise huge households. Many get separated from their offspring. The kids may resent his arrogance. He will be extremely effective in both love and business. He will have insatiable appetites, be as proud as a peacock, with a massive demand to command and be liked by those he rules- his partner and household. When his nobility has actually been roused by an excellent cause, he knows no worry. As a long-term partner, he’s a great option as a mate. As soon as he’s been tamed, he will be an adoring hubby. You might wish to call him Mr Fixit.

Leo Woman

The Leo woman is really popular and more most likely than not will be the social leader in her group, lording it over lesser ladies as if she is their queen. She can be disarmingly beautiful and she dictates style, manners and customs. She was born to rule.

She is vivacious, clever and stylish. She has loads of sexual magnetism. The guy who courts this woman has to be prepared to praise at her feet and adore her. She is a lot of lady. She’s rather a luxury item and you can expect a high upkeep.

She is the star of your love production, not a submissive animal in any regard, though there are a few shyer pussy-cats around. The natural location for Leo woman is constantly centre stage.

A great deal of these females are sports fans and enjoy sports. They love the theatre and specifically musicals. Due to the fact that she is uneasy in shoddy environments, she will love high class dining establishments. Even if money is tight the Leo lady will embellish herself with rings and bracelets, but poverty will depress her and make her sick.

These Women can be vain and conceited though this female can be warm, loved and appreciated, kindest and generous females you will discover. She’s intelligent, witty strong and extremely womanly.

She will like flattery yet also will delight in having her own profession. She will spend hours in front of the mirror and a small fortune on cosmetics. She will live in the hairdressers since she yearns as to feel pampered and she will take pleasure in having her nails done. Her wardrobe will be rather extensive and she will most likely like tailored clothing, soft cashmeres, and Italian knits.

Women from this sign will make a jewel of a partner. She is an excellent person at hosting and popular with both ladies and guys alike. She will seldom be down and will be quite rigorous with kids, though a warmer more caring mother you can not want to meet. She enjoys all luxuries and will be able to mix her profession perfectly with being a mom.

She can holier with laughter one minute but she doesn’t value familiarity from strangers. She will love being the centrepiece in a space loaded with males and she could even encourage masculine compliments considering that she likes to feel she is desirable. She is quite capable of metaphorically of scratching out the eyes of any women rivals who pander to her mate for attention.

The best means to deal with her is to humour her vanity, appreciate her majesty, recognize her creativity and persevere with little difficulties. Don’t let her smother you, but never put her down and do not ever try to outdo her. Puff up her ego and be honestly proud of her. She will like you permanently and be completely faithful.


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