2019 Leo Monthly Horoscope Insight Summary

Monthwise Leo Summary For Insight

23rd Jul – 21st Aug

The Lion symbol 2019

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January -This could be an interesting month for Leo folk. You may be looking for creative opportunities. If you are tempted to try to reconnect with people you have been close to in the past, this might not lead to anything positive, You could face rejection and this would disappoint you and cause you frustration. Whatever happens, keep your focus on the present and the future. Don’t delve into past and murky waters.

February – You could easily rock the boat this month by saying the wrong things and acting inappropriately. Your partner could find out if you are tempted by a fling because you are bored. The initial excitement is not worth the long-term grief and trouble it could cause. Try to appreciate what you have got. Then the will be no need to try to smooth things over in a tricky misguided situation.

March -You may get a choice this month, between the chance to earn some additional money in work by doing over-time or following one of your personal interests and passions. If you are in a relationship, your other half will urge you to work. This could cause some consternation between the two of you since you are more inclined not to work. Talking and communicating on the deepest levels are the keys to sorting this out.

April – In this month you may experience a feeling of being pressurised. This could come from a domestic dispute. You may need to be prepared to compromise. Don’t be tempted to throw yourself into your work and deny there is a problem at home. Work colleagues could offer you some friendly advice. Don’t be too influenced by anyone else. Make up your own mind about your next course of action.

May – You will be dynamic, on top form and a force to be reckoned with. If you are entertaining people, whether at home or at work, you will be a most convivial host with an infectious laugh and sense of humour to match. Although this may not be your true self, it is a persona you enjoy portraying in public and people like it. You are comfortable in your own skin.

June – Leo monthly study shows that your career and family will be very demanding on your time and resources. You may feel a bit downcast and want to spend some time going solo. When things get very pressured, you may withdraw into your own private world. Others, who know you well, will see the signs and back-off. Those who are not so intuitive may catch the sharp end of your tongue.

July – You will look to others for inspiration this month. If you feel a tad bored with the current situation, you may look for sparks of excitement elsewhere. This could take you into dangerous territory. Those at home could be puzzled by your restlessness and irritations and those at work may cast knowing glances in your direction. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s the same colour.

August – This is a lovely month for you where you will be enjoying parties and get-togethers held in your honour. You will adore being the centre of attention and in the limelight. It will be hard to stop you talking and some might find your garrulous side a bit wearing. Enjoy your moment. You will shine and be absolutely charming and at your most charismatic.

September – This could be an easy month for you where the money comes rolling in, people are friendly towards you, your family are happy and no one seems to want to burden you with their problems. You can relax and enjoy life. Most people will compliment you about something to do with your person, whether a new outfit or a new hairstyle. You will feel on-top-of-the-world.

October – This is another good period in your astrological calendar. Things will go smoothly for you and there are unlikely to be any forms of dispute until maybe the very end of the month. There could be a falling-out or a telling-off. Either way, you will take charge of the situation and sort things out amicably. You will gain a new and loyal friend. This person will also turn out to be someone in whom you can confide your deepest thoughts.

November – Monthly Leo analysis suggests you may feel some anger brewing up inside this month. It could be that you are feeling tired and a bit exhausted. You really need a break away from everyday routines and from a certain family member. Don’t be afraid to book a last minute holiday. It will do you the world of good and restore harmony and balance to your world.

December – This could be a time of surprises. There could be a promotion at work. There could be a boost in your salary. There could be some talk of a new family member, an addition. You could benefit from the intervention of an experienced older person who has become very interested in you professionally. They could be very influential and important to you in the future, Leo.

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