Ivy Tree Horoscope 2020 – Celtic Tree Mysticism

IVY – The Survivor

Sep 30 – Oct 27

Primary Celtic Animal: The Butterfly

Celtic Mythical Character: Guinevere

Celtic Ivy horoscope imageIvy is a Celtic tree sign known as the Survivor. This is because Druids believed people born under the sign of the Ivy often have the ability to overcome whatever life’s challenges are presented to them. They are strivers and can-do people with impressive intellectual prowess but also they are compassionate and loyal. They are among the top givers in Celtic tree astrology and are always willing to help out those in difficulty. As well as acute intelligence, these men and women are creative and socially adept, great romantics and fantastic friends or partners to have.

My Ivy tree horoscope zodiac analysis indicates that 2020 will be a straightforward and dare I say easy time for men and women born under this Celtic tree sign. This is a year when these people find they have fewer responsibilities and more time for themselves than in previous years. This will be a good time to start or work harder on hobbies or other areas of life that bring joy and contentment. In short, this is most definitely a year for these people to focus on themselves and their important relationships with partners, friends and family.

Romantically, if Ivy people have had relationship problems in the previous year then this is a year to worry less about them. All Ivy tree indicators suggest a calm relationship year with good harmony and stability to existing relationships. However, if the previous year has taught individual lessons on the romance front then make sure that attention is paid to them in 2020! For single Ivy people, this is a year to give extra attention to finding a special relationship. In marked contrast to last year, 2020 looks to be a far more joyous year romantically and a new relationship may be part of these people focusing more on themselves this year. In all this contentment it must be said that this is not a year to letter partner push you around or will make life difficult for you. With regard to relationships with friends and family, this is a year to tread carefully because it’s not a year to be part or incur family difficulties. People of this sign should make the most of the opportunities for family get-togethers and social events and make this a part of focusing on themselves in 2020.

At work, Ivy people may well find they have a greater impulsion to work more than normal in 2020. Try to make sure this desire is applied to things that are enjoyable away from work as well as in the workplace itself. On both fronts, these men and women can expect to be pretty busy this year but also happy with it. This is not a time to feel guilty if Ivy’s feel like a break or stepping away from commitments for a while. Professionally, these men and women should look to make the most of work relationships and reliance on co-workers and colleagues may be higher than in previous years. However, in doing this, Ivy people will help their long-term prospects and feel the greater part of the team at work.

Given the overall good year forecast. Ivy men and women can expect a stable financial time with fewer large expenses and they may have experienced recently. Nonetheless. Large expenses that do come along are likely to make a significant impact on the monetary situation so these people should make sure to try and save spare money where the opportunity comes along. By doing this they may well find towards the end of the year that they are more affluent and have more spare resources that they can spend or invest in themselves.

My Ivy tree horoscope suggests that 2020 is a year to pay attention to health for these people. As we’ve noted, energy will be high in 2020 and this will be particularly true at the beginning of the year. This is a sign that doesn’t generally take to exercise but this is a year to break out from this situation and start an exercise regime. With a complimentary diet and commitment, a good exercise regimen will help maintain a healthy disposition throughout the year. With regard to diet, it is a year to avoid food that is high in sugar or fat.

Four Ivy people the first third of the year is a mixed bag. While energy will be high and it is a great time to start new interests and commitments there looked to be some upsets on the road as well. These men and women should take care to carefully think about any planned actions in this period. The middle third of the year is stable and at times slow and these people may find some initiatives go against them raising questions about themselves in their minds. This is a passing stage and the final third of the year is a lot more positive. This latter part of 2020 is a perfect time to focus on relationships, marriage or starting afresh. This is the time of the year when there is much positive that is indicated and spending time with family and friends at the end of the year is a perfect conclusion to 2020.

A Reese

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