Hawthorn Tree Horoscope 2020 – Mystic Tree Celtic Analysis

HAWTHORN – The Illusionist

May 13 – June 9

Primary Celtic Animal: The Seahorse

Celtic Mythical Character: Olwen

Hawthorn Tree horoscope symbolHawthorn zodiac symbol men and women have two different characters, an external public one and interior personal one. The Hawthorn tree horoscope charts show that these people often burn inside with passion and creativity. They are highly adaptable, curious and interested in a wide range of life subjects. Intelligence is a great character trait in the people of the Hawthorn tree sign. They can be difficult to befriend but once they are a friend they can offer an awful lot.

Hawthorn people will have the opportunity for a fresh start in 2020. They would be well served to look at their lives and consider areas that could do with a makeover. If parts of life are mundane then they should try something new and different to introduce change. If the pace of life is too frantic then jettison a few of the causes and try to introduce more routine into living. These men and women should concentrate on things they love and enjoy during 2020 and put themselves first often as this is their year. They should do what they can to make it a great year for them.

My Druid Celtic astrology Hawthorn tree analysis shows that these men and women in or looking for a relationship, this year will see a love life that is more intense when compared to the last year. This is a great year to add some zest to your relationship if last year seemed a little predictable. To be completely happy in a relationship these people need more than the physical, they also need love and compassion. This is not a year to bicker over minor things so these people should do their best not to let small differences with their partner become big problems. These people should use their great communication skills to talk through issues that are causing one or both partners difficulty. This is a year to give romantic life the priority it deserves which means these individuals may be a little distracted from other life commitments. Don’t forget friends this year Hawthorn, keep relationships with friends healthy and strong.

Hawthorn Tree Horoscope For Lifestyle Areas Of Interest

Professionally, my tree horoscope analysis for Hawthorn suggests these will be at heir most effective when working on their own. It’s important not to lose relationships with work colleagues but in this year it’s best to create the headspace and time to get the work done. This is especially true as more will be expected of Hawthorn people at work during this year. It is likely that this will be a hard-working professional time with lots of goals chased and achieved at a very fast pace. It is likely these people will experience stress and it is important to be able to manage this in order to achieve your goals and highlight your value to your employer.

As work will preoccupy Hawthorn people a lot of the time during this year, it is likely that money will not be at the forefront very often. There should be enough to manage financially with a little leftover for entertainment or treats. The key success factor monetarily this year is to pay sufficient attention to keep your books balanced without obsessing over finances.

Because of the likely busy work year, the Hawthorn tree horoscope charts indicate that these people will need to manage stress levels at times during the year. Hard work will be needed to remain healthy or get stay in shape. Losing weight may be a goal for these people this year and if so a good diet and exercise machine will pay off. It’s also important to remember that it’s equally vital to have mental relaxation and these people will need to create time to step away from life’s challenges and let their brain relax every now and then.

This is a year where the Hawthorn person’s focus should be on self-improvement, relationships and, especially, work. The first third of 2020 looks promising period but with its share of challenges. It is a time to think before jumping in and to spend pleasurable spells with friends and family. The middle third of the year will be energetic and passionate with the prospect of potential upheaval at work. The final third of the year may be the time for significant decisions but Hawthorn will remain busy.

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