2018 Gemini Monthly Horoscope Overview

Month Wise Predictions For Gemini

May 22nd – June 21st

Month by month, 2018 appears to offer quite a mixed bag during the Gemini year. Find out on what areas you need to concentrate as the year progresses.

January – This is likely to be an extremely romantic time for you and it’s probably true to say that you might experience some butterflies. Certainly, your head could be in a whirl and you might find it difficult to think straight. In established partnerships, my 2018 Gemini horoscope suggests you will be extremely loving towards one another. You are forecast to spend some beautiful times together and there is a real sense of genuine caring and sharing.

February – In all business and professional matters you are likely to enjoy new challenges with a considerable amount of the success which is predicted to follow. Your determination to succeed, your focus and your ability are all factors that will help make this an extremely positive spell for you. Others could be envious of your success and may try to undermine you, but you would be wise to question their motivations and guarded when it comes to trying out new unproven business tactics you are unfamiliar with.

March – This is a time of sweet progression for Gemini men and women, both in relationships and in work-related matters since it will seem that everything is falling into place naturally. Certainly men and women born under the duality of this air sign will feel they can relax and enjoy watching things happen around them.It is an ideal time to take a short break or book a last minute holiday deal.

April – Gemini 2018 zodiac analysis implies that this month may see the need to sort out minor issues in personal relationships. It would be beneficial to all concerned if both parties could listen to the other and act directly and quickly upon what has been said. Gemini folk may need to curb their idealism and learn to be more practical in their relationships. Partners of Gemini folk might need to be more gentle and less critical to maintain good relations.

May – During this month relationships will be the main focus and communication will be much improved. It looks to be generally a happy period where partnerships are likely to be prioritised and work-related issues will come second. In their wisdom, Gemini folk are likely to be more sensitive to the needs of their loved ones. On the whole, this will be a time where the happiness of others will matter more than achieving the latest targets in work.

June – Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit tetchy and out of sorts this month. There are likely to be changes happening all around you and your feet are unlikely to stand still. Gemini folk possess character traits that can both help them and hurt them. It will be important to follow your gut reactions to events as they unfold so that you don’t subject yourself to negative influences which could cause you a detrimental effect.

July – When you receive some monetary remuneration, don’t let it stop you from forging ahead with your plans. You might be inclined to wait and see when it comes to sorting out a private matter. If you can learn patience things will work out in your favour. If you try to manipulate a situation or get influenced by the opinions of others the outcome may not be so encouraging. Always try to finish jobs you have started. This will gain you the respect of your partner.

August – You must ensure that you take care of yourself this month. You may be worried about high cholesterol levels and a rethink of your diet might be needed. Your love life could cause you some confusion and sleepless nights. If you remain passionate and follow your dreams all will be well. Try not to let others interfere with your life-path. Remain focused and your inner strength will protect you.

September – Take care not to overspend this month or to make rash decisions when it comes to financial matters. It would be very easy to let money slip through your fingers and you would have little to show for your hard work in earning the money. Cash-flow could be restricted in some way, so be sure to budget carefully and only spend what you can afford. Gemini folk are not the most adept in handling their financial affairs so try to learn from others. A frank and honest chat with your bank manager might set you on the right course.

October – Gemini monthly horoscope 2018 zodiac charts point towards you feeling particularly energised and wanting to indulge yourself in your many hobbies and new ventures. It will be difficult to curb this enthusiasm so enjoy yourself. If something interests you, take time out to pursue it. Your general well-being will benefit from some passion and intellectual stimulation.

November – Try to be as determined and as focused as you can this month. There may be deadlines which have to be reached as well as promises that need to be kept. Your success criteria could be based on a balanced approach to all things so be sure to allow yourself sufficient time to accomplish things.

December – What a happy month for Gemini people! My 2018 horoscope indicates great joy in social occasions, celebrations and get-togethers. You will not be short of party invitations if you are single and if you are settled in a partnership, you too will have a fun time together and in the company of friends and family. It is the perfect time to reflect on the positive events that have helped to shape the year favourably for you.



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