Man And Woman Qualities – Gemini

Gemini Personality – Male And Female

The Gemini Man

Gemini Zodiac SymbolGemini man is born under the sign of the twins and there are definitely at least two (maybe even more) sides to this man’s unpredictable personality. Even his features can appear so mobile it can be very difficult to read his mood. He will be restless, changeable and full of nervous energy. The occasional man may talk slowly, but the majority of them talk fast. These men are very charming people and will be delightful conversationalists. He is a master of impeccable manners and social adroitness.

The Gemini frame tends to be slim, flexible and taller than the national average. Often the features are quite small and sharp. The majority have crystal clear eyes that twinkle and dart. They never settle on viewing one thing for more than a few seconds. Their alertness and quick-moving eyes are often the easiest way to recognise them.

This man has an interesting face with mobile features that can appear sympathetic, friendly, hostile, and angry in unusually quick succession. This is why it is so difficult to read his mood. The nose is usually very well formed though there is frequently a receding hairline (possibly from all the brain activity(!)) and he may have an unusually high forehead.

The Gemini man is a quick-thinking talker, virtually unchallengeable in any argument or battle of wits because, being more clever than most, his mental processes are as quick as lightning. This man is the Peter Pan of the zodiac. Even in later years, he will retain a youthful appearance. The secret of his sign lies in the duality of the twins. He will be able to do two tasks at once with less effort than it takes other people to do one.

The Gemini man loves all forms of communication but hates routine with a passion. He will resist drudgery and monotony at all costs. The restless Mercurial nature demands change and excitement or his spirit will quickly become morose and dejected.

The worst fault of this man is his unpredictability, making arrangements, and then changing them at the last minute, behaving in a way that can be completely opposite to what he truly desires and using his versatility and facility of speech to turn people from even their strongest held principles.

He can turn a clever phrase through his writing and string together words on almost any subject intelligently. Yet he will hate writing personal letters and may procrastinate for weeks before replying to them. Mercury people hate to be pinned down to an opinion because they instinctively know they may change their minds the very next day.

The Gemini male personality will understand or read at least more than one language. He will be totally idealistic, combining his natural and innate charm with the sharpest intellect. He will love travel, particularly air travel.

Since this man uses so much brain power, he may well require twice as much sleep as anyone else. These males are often susceptible to insomnia and have to make an effort to rest in order to heal jangled nerves and over-active brain cells. They are susceptible to accidents and infections involving shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. The lungs may be weak and also the intestines. Issues around the feet, back arthritis, rheumatic afflictions and intense headaches are always a possibility for this individual. The strange thing about him is that he can suffer emotional distress derived rather more from boredom and constraint than from over exertion.

The Gemini man is an idealist through and through. Because his imagination can soar, it’s the case that money, popularity, romance and career aren’t really satisfying. He is always searching for something better and beyond. He is a true mental explorer looking for some hidden, undiscovered continent.

He has sharp eyes, multiple talents, brilliant humour, tact and diplomacy. Yet he lacks persistence and patience. The bottom line is that he will only share his deepest emotions with one true companion- his other twin self.

The Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman will find it hard to settle down. Her mind is always travelling and she certainly has the gift of the gab. What she needs is someone who can blend the mental, spiritual and physical to keep her really interested.

The Gemini woman can be fickle and unpredictable until she matures since she has such an active imagination that is capable of creating the most extraordinary fantasies. She is a very expressive and lively companion who will entertain you with her witty remarks. She is able to have an informed and intelligent discussion on practically any subject and can switch easily from being a real tiz to an adoring housewife, from a serious intellectual philosopher to a bundle of raw emotion and a bag of nerves.

Most women of this sign will keep their multiple natures cleverly hidden. She is intensely curious about anything new and will always show a healthy interest in outdoor sports. Her sharp mentality is excited by any subject. It is in her nature to accept change and even to seek it. In later years, however, she will settle into a deeper understanding of herself and will make a wonderful wife, even though there will be more than one wife in her personality.

Wife Number One will be faithful, companionable, attractive and very feminine, also a deep and clever thinker. Wife Number Two will be moody, difficult, sarcastic and highly independent. Wife Number Three will be bored, lazy, self-indulgent but intellectually and emotionally stimulating. Wife Number Four will be happy and imaginative, funny and amusing. Wife Number Five will be beautifully turned out, well organised, efficient and elegant. The true twins woman is a blend of these all rolled into one. She will never be silent and will never walk when she can run. Constitutionally she will suffer from very similar ailments to the Gemini man.

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