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Gemini Zodiac Study: Gemini Child Characteristics

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. The Gemini infant is extremely active. He will hate to be closed in or confined in any way for his nature is to explore and to learn. He is an air sign and air must move. He needs mental stimulation and plenty of it.

His movements will be quick and bird-like and he will be quite fidgety. He will be friendly, alert, bright, interesting and enthusiastic as well as quite precocious. At school, he will have a way with words and will learn to read far more quickly than other children. He will love to express himself through words, both orally and on paper.

Many Gemini children are ambidextrous. They can often write with their right hand and draw with their left hand. Often they are nail biters, but you can bet they will be multi-talented. He will be adept at playing many different musical instruments. His hands will be sensitive, expressive and capable.

He will enjoy mimicking others and will have a sharp wit. He will live in a world of make-believe and reality where the truth will often be portrayed as fantasy and fantasy will often be disguised as truth. His imagination will be vivid and he will enjoy inventing things from his toys. Keep him stimulated with lots building, modelling and constructing toys and you will encourage this child to achieve through professions that suit him in his adult years.

His life path will be to talk a lot and travel a lot. You may find he has a natural aptitude for languages. These children are never satisfied with just one pursuit at a time. It’s as if they have two lives to live in one lifetime. You may spot a lack of patience and unwillingness to persist until something is thoroughly learned.

Gemini child characteristics show he will find being punctual hard and he will not listen easily without interrupting. He will tend to repeat himself but will not allow you to do this. He will have his fingers in many pies and will change his mind a thousand times about what he wants to do when he grows up. However, when he does grow up, he will still be chasing his dreams for this is the true nature of the Gemini child.

Tips for Parents

When raising your Gemini child it is worth remembering how intelligent he or she is. Your best course of action is to give them as much freedom and mental stimulation as you possibly can. Provide an exciting, stimulating environment for them to learn and grow up in. Read to them and challenge he or she with new ideas. Respect his or her abilities to multi-task. If he or she is a typical example of this sign they will never be satisfied with just one pursuit at a time anyway.

When he or she does mature and has their fingers in many pies, you can smile and reflect on their childhood years which were exactly the same. In some ways, the adult differs very little from the Gemini child and you will see a consistency in many of the quality traits this sign exhibits. Whatever they achieve in their lives, they will always keep you on your toes and always keep you young.

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