2019 Gemini Monthly Horoscope Analysis

Monthwise Gemini Insights For Guidance

22nd May – 21st Jun

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January – You will have been thinking deeply about your career and future prospects and at the beginning of this New Year you will be ready for a new challenge. You may have dreamt up some highly unusual plans to take you forwards. Even if others seem to think you’re slightly unhinged, just one of your madcap schemes might actually work.

February – This will be a fairly calm and uneventful time. While others are in the mood for love, you will find more stimulation in intellectual matters, that is, until, someone turns your head and forces you to pay them some attention. You may find yourself unable to resist coming out to play with others who are clearly not in your headspace but have others thing to offer you instead.

March – This could be the period where you experience some tensions at home. If this the case you may need to use your skills of diplomacy to sort out some misunderstandings. Although you might need to be directly involved, others will look to you for advice and possibly comfort. A youngster may need some counselling and a good listener. You can do an amazing job by simply being there.

April – This is a time when you may hear some rumours at work concerning a new job or new opportunities which sound very attractive to you. Don’t be held back by what anyone else says. This could be your lucky break. Take a bit of time to sort your own head out before you jump in feet first. Your background research could prove invaluable.

May – This is a good month for those born under the sign of the Twins. You will feel energetic and your dynamism and vitality will be reflected in your work and in your personality. You will be witty, charming and loquacious. Others will be drawn to you for your humour and witty conversation.

June – This is the beginning of the rest of your life and you can look forward to major changes which have all been lining up ready for you. It is a new cycle that’s beginning and opening up things in front of you. You may have some fantastic ideas for your future that can become a reality for you really want to make them happen. There are very few obstacles, only those that you put there yourself.

July – There could be an ending this month as well as a new beginning. You may need to end a personal relationship that you’ve finally realised is going nowhere. You may be looking at starting a brand new career that has the potential to make you very fulfilled and extremely happy. There is excitement in the air as well as a little sadness.

August – You will have a grand time this month. There will be lots of socialising as well as stimulating intellectual work that keeps your brain busy. You will feel quite joyful because life is so good. Keep up your good spirits because it suits you and makes others see you in a very positive light.

September – This could be a spell where you have to work overly long hours. You won’t complain because you find the work stimulating. However, it may take its toll on your health and your energy levels could drop considerably. Be sure to get enough rest and even if the deadlines are quite tight, don’t make yourself into a martyr. Keep a clear head and pace yourself.

October – This is an extremely positive month for you Gemini. You will feel on top of your game in work and in your love life things are going really well and from strength to strength. There may be a couple of off days towards the end of this month, but your low mood will soon pass and you will be back to your usual scintillating self before anyone even notices.

November – These 30 days could bring some surprises for you with an intense attraction to an older person. This compulsion is likely to come out of the blue and you may feel out-of-sorts because of it. You can’t really rationalise what the attraction is, but it is most definitely there and you won’t be able to clear your head for some time. My best advice is to go with the flow. Maybe this person provides you with both the physical and intellectual stimulus that you crave in an ideal relationship.

December – You will be at your most restless in December, craving new stimulus and wanting to communicate and pass on information to anyone prepared to listen. You are needing a new challenge and a new adventure. Don’t worry. Both will come to you and you won’t have to seek them out. Bide your time, the future looks extremely bright. You will get what you want sooner than you think Gemini!

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