Elder Tree Horoscope 2020

ELDER – The Seeker

Nov 25 – Dec 23

Primary Celtic Animal: The Raven

Celtic Mythical Character: Cailleach Beara

Elder tree horoscope image and symbolElder tree horoscope study shows that men and women born under the sign of the Elder tree are believed by Druids to be thrill-seekers and love a sense of freedom. They also appear, often, to be quite introverted characters but that is to misjudge them. They make loyal companions and are considerate to other people while striving always to help those in need. These men and women are generally optimistic, independent and honest. They often speak very directly which can lead them into trouble on occasion.

My Elder tree horoscope study strongly suggests that this is a year for personal confidence. Elder men and women will benefit greatly from this increased confidence across both professional and personal aspects of their lives. It may be that many problems arose last year but this year can be addressed thanks to increased self-confidence for Elder individuals. This is a perfect time for mopping up outstanding past issues that have been problematic, sweeping them away and setting the stage for a brighter future. Both patience and daring will make a difference this year, but Elder people must recognise when to apply each one!

Love life indicators for this sign suggest that a change of pace and romantic relationships will be Welcome to these people this year. This is likely to be true whether in an existing romantic relationship or is beginning with the new partner. It is likely if single, that a new relationship will emerge with somebody new rather than from within your social circle or possibly an ex-partner. This is most definitely a year to explore new possibilities or visit new locations when in search of a relationship uplift. For those Elder people in an existing relationship, 2020 may, sadly, be a good time to end a relationship if it appears to have stagnated or been going nowhere. However, if the relationship is growing then this is a year to look at developing it further. Relationships with friends and family may undergo a change in 2020 so it is a time to be patient and supportive, careful in what is said and done.

Elder Tree Horoscope Work, Money And Wellbeing

Progress at work is a strong theme for Elder men and women in 2020. Yes, work may be harder and more demanding but there will be rewards in terms of success in a chosen career or job. That said, work is the strongest potential drain on personal resources in 2020 so make sure that post-work relaxation is a feature of the working week. Note also that this is a good year to approach a new project or start a new business venture.

Working hard will bring a good financial outlook for 2020 and the monetary situation looks stable and positive for Elders this year. This year is very strong for financial improvement so make the most of any additional or spare money and put it to good use for the future!

Like many of the tree signs in 2020, this is a year of greater energy and the opportunity to put it to good use. On the health front, this could translate into improved exercise and greater activity. However, it’s also important to recognise you don’t want to overreach yourself and incur a health problem or injury which will put paid to plans for the year. This is also a good year to consider diet and there are some indicators that suggest a greater edition of fibre in the last part of the year may be beneficial.

Elder tree horoscope charts show the first third of the year is a cautious period, particularly concerning new people that enter these men and women’s orbit. There may be some uncertainty with Elder people when it comes to deciding the next steps to take. On a more positive note, this third is a positive time for romance. The middle third of 2020 begins positively but August is a challenging month and should be approached with care. The final third of the year continues the cautious them but the final few months of zodiac 2020 look to be very positive and a good time to spend extra effort in family and friends.

Angharad Reese

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