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Tribal celtic tatoo example inkings

In the past decade, Celtic tattoo designs have become more popular. These designs are intriguing and beautiful with a spiritual dimension and both men and women love to have them on their bodies for a variety of reasons. Since they like to have a variety of inking’s to choose from when they are looking for just the right one, they will find that there is a vast selection of them. Here are 10 of the most common, popular Celt designs and their meanings:

Celtic Cross Design

tatoo design basis - Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a very common tattoo that is known for the Christian cross with a circle around it. It is gorgeous to look at with its simple yet intricate design of knotwork surrounding the cross and circle. The symbol has become known for St. Patrick when he was trying to convert the Pagans. It is also known for the Sun practised by the Druids. The Catholics have often thought of it as eternity and the sign of God’s eternal love. Many people love to wear this type of design on their upper arm because they can both show it off clearly or hide it if they so desire after they have the inking placed on them.

Knots Symbolsexamples of basic Celtic Trifecta and Quaternary tattoo designs

The knot tattoos are sometimes known to have magical powers. A Celtic love knot means the love of two people that care about one another. They can also mean eternity because the knots are an endless loop. People wear these types of symbols on all different parts of their bodies. A Trinity Knot will have the meanings of Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the Christians. For New Age individuals, it means mind, body, and spirit and for the Pagans, it means the Mother, Crone, and Maiden. Based on a triple-armed Triquetra or 4-sided Quaternary design, this style of inking is among the most popular, especially where a smaller, more discrete design is wanted.


example celtic butterfly design (including also knots)

Having a Celtic butterfly symbol is another common way to adorn a person’s body with art in the form of a tattoo. They appreciate how it looks because of its intricate and graceful pattern. It’s meaning is that of rebirth and individuals who have gone through a lot of transformation like to have this type of emblem. It is also known for the beauty of one’s soul. men and women often choose to wear it on the ankle or shoulder. Another common spot to have this type of inking is on the lower back. There are variants to this basic design which are available while maintaining the symbolism 9for example the Butterfly and Knots design here).

Tree Of Life Symbol

semi-ornate tree of life design for a Celtic tattoo

When people get the Celtic Tree of Life, they know that in 800 A.D., the monks first created it and it was picked up by ancient warriors as emblems of tribal commitment and bravery or religious belief. This is one of the bigger Celt tattoos and it is usually placed on someone’s back or stomach. It is a symbol for the Garden of Eden and a line that connects the earth to the sky. For those that love to consider all that they can from the Tree of Life, they find that it gives them the courage that they need to get through many different things in their lives and that they strive for success whenever they can. This is a design that can vary in complexity from basic to highly designed.

Dog Design

One example of a Celtic Dog design

Having a Celtic dog as a tattoo is for those that want to symbolise good luck and loyalty. They often enjoy wearing these types of animal tattoos on their upper arms and ankles. Making sure that they have the tattoo of their dog placed on a good spot on their body will help them to create the luck that they need. People always want to make sure that they are on the luckier side of life whenever they can be!

Eagle Inking

example Celtic Tattoo designCredit

When a person has a Celtic eagle as a tattoo, it is symbolic of death in ancient mythology. This can be somewhere on their body where it can be seen easily or hidden at any given time. When people wear this type of inked symbol, they are fascinated with life and death in a variety of ways. It may be interesting to them to study life after death and spirit forms that they find intriguing. Sometimes, they will also use it to remember someone that died along with their name underneath it as part of their design. There are a number of variations to this tattoo and the design presented here is but one.

Celtic Horse Emblem

One Celtic horse tattoo example design

The horse tattoo is sacred for the Celts. Since it is symbolic of magic and mystery, folk are proud to wear it and put it on places on their bodies that can be displayed well. Having the horse depicted as body art, a person will feel in tune with the mysteries of life in many different ways and they will love all things that are magical too. AS with many Celtic designs, there are many variants of Horse design based around the basic structures of Celtic symbology.

Bear And Bear Claw Symbol

basic inking design based on Celtic Bear Claw

Informed people that commission an artist to ink the Celtic bear tattoo know that it is a symbol that can represent power. This also goes for the bear claw and it is known for its ability to be worn so it can be easily seen too. Customers that want to make sure that they can get the design that suits them and understanding the meaning and symbolism behind the bear and bear claw will help them to do so.

Celtic Dragon Design

One of many popular Celtic Dragon inking designs

Another tattoo that is known for its magical powers in Celt mythology is the dragon. For people with great imaginations, they love to adopt the dragon as a symbol on some part of their body that they can show it proudly. Wearing the dragon allows them to feel important as they go through their lives in any way that they can. This is another tattoo that can have several variations from basic through to highly complex and intricate designs.

Final Thoughts

Having a tattoo design based on these ancient druid symbols will likely continue to grow in popularity because people love to have artwork that they can put on their bodies that symbolises something to them and others. Since they are proud to have this type of body art, they find good, highly competent artists that can create the best tattoo the customer can find at any given time.

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