Celtic Knots Meanings And Designs

The Meaning Attributed To Certain Celtic Knots

The Celtic culture is still seen long after the civilization ceased to exist. The Celtic knots are a part of the culture and the knots represent eternity because they are made of one thread and they never stop. Since this is symbolic of this culture, we can see them in everyday usage. People wear the various types of Celtic knots as jewellery, on their clothing, in calligraphy, and they also adorn them as tattoos to express themselves.

The history of the Celtic knots goes back to the year 450 A.D., although some people place the beginnings of it at a different time. Most of the background on the Celtic knots were handed down orally over the years so some confusion can be found about when it actually started. In any case, it has lasted over many years and people still use the symbols and meanings of the Celtic knots in modern-day.

Celtic cross symbol used on a Celtic knot

Celtic Cross

One of the Celtic knots is the Celtic Cross. Both Christians and Pagans view the Celtic Cross differently. Christians view the Celtic Cross as the way that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. For the Pagans, they see it as the four directions that are present in their religion and also as the meeting place for all of the divine energies inside the cross.

The Celtic knots come in a variety of styles and each of these styles has a different meaning associated with it. The Celtic Love Knot is used by Christians and Pagans alike. When people use The Trinity Knot, it is perhaps one of the most popular ones that is used in the modern world. This knot has three folds to it and they represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. It is the most widely used one for both jewellery and tattoos. People also like to have it on clothing that they wear. It can be found as a tattoo that people proudly display on various parts of their body.

KNots often include the Celtic Spiral design

Celtic Spiral

Another knot is the Spiral Knot. This is also a three-folded knot that represents the meanings of nature. It represents unity and spirit and includes fire, air, water, and earth symbols. Having the Dara Knot with diamonds shows an oak tree’s root system. Both of these are found in jewellery designs, as the most common form of their use.

Love knot design for matters of the heart

Celtic Love Knot

To represent the love of two people, the Celtic Love Knot is perhaps one of the simplest designs, as well as one of the oldest designs of the Celtic knots. It is in an oval shape that has two interlocking hearts within it. People in relationships love to give this in the form of a ring that they give to one another. The Sailor’s Knot represents love, harmony, friendship, and affection. Once again, this is also used in jewellery designs and is commonly given to other people to show their affection to them.

Shield design for a Celtic knot

The Shield

The Shield Knot is used for the protection against evil forces. It is made to look like an unbreakable barrier for those that wear it as jewellery or as a tattoo. Many people use this type of knot when there is an upcoming dangerous mission or event that a person that they know will be experiencing. It will allow a person to be protected when they will be out among the evil forces.

With the meanings and symbolism associated with the Celtic Cross and its varieties and styles, people adapt them to their own situations. They frequently give them as gifts to people that they care about by choosing one of the knots that will give the person those specifics wishes or protections when given to them.

Even though a lot of the use of Celtic knots is based on beliefs and symbolism and some with a bit of intrigue, many people love the way that the designs look because they are intriguing. The popularity of Celtic knots will continue long into the future where people will benefit from wearing them as jewellery, tattoos, and using them on their clothing and in calligraphy. Since people can find these items for reasonable prices, they know that they are getting a good item for the price that they pay.

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