2018 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Summary

Monthwise Astrology Analysis for Capricorns

December 23rd – January 20th

Month by month there is a mixed Capricorn 2018 year ahead for these individuals. After a positive start, discover what the rest of the year might hold and get ahead of the game.

January – This will be a superb time for Capricorn folk in almost every aspect of their lives. Your career will be going well, you will feel supported in your relationships and money will not be a problem. The only worry you could have is anticipating bad things to come in the future Try not to consume yourself with fear over what might or might not ever happen.

February -This month could prove rather slow moving for you and you might find yourself thinking of ways to speed things up. If you have time on your hands, why not improve your own personal skill set through additional training. Since you dislike being idle, you could find much enjoyment in embarking on a new training course.

March – You will feel completed energised and ready to launch new projects and new ideas. Your contributions will all be received well in work and seniors will note your enthusiasm, dedication and reliability. Take care that you spend time with your family. There could be an elderly relative who would benefit from your help and love to see you.

April – Capricorn 2018 charts show you might need to slow down and take more care of your health. If you are prone to skin eruptions (which many people born under this earth sign are), your skin could be telling yo to avoid junk foods and eat a more healthy diet. You could also need to take time out to de-stress and get away from the workplace. A few hours of relaxation, particularly at weekends, could be enormously beneficial to you.

May – If you are still recovering from over-work and too much stress then this is the opportunity to investigate home remedies and natural products. You will enjoy researching this subject and my horoscope for this year suggests you could even find something that works well for you. If you have never homoeopathic and/or flower remedies, then I would thoroughly recommend that you give them a go.

June – You will be full of ideas as your creative juices flow. Others will listen to you and follow your lead. You usually sort things out as you go along, but no one else knows that. To others, it will seem that you are highly organised and have everything already tried and tested. Perhaps it would be wise not to let on that you are sometimes as much in the dark as them, it’s just that outwardly you appear confident and knowledgeable.

July – Capricorn monthly horoscope 2018 forecasting reveals you may feel you are treading on eggshells during this period. There could be signs of confrontation from those around you, both within the family and the office. A friend may seek you out for a confidential chat. Try to avoid getting embroiled in other people’s arguments since you will achieve absolutely nothing by it. Avoid speaking your mind since sometimes other folks don’t want to hear the truth.

August – You could be inclined towards spiritual matters this month I predict. If a relative has died you might become preoccupied with the afterlife. Certainly, you will appear slightly withdraw to others who will miss your outward positive thinking and bubbly personality. If you feel it is the right time to seek guidance, then don’t hold back. The knowledge you seek may settle your thinking and ease your inner turmoil.

September – You may need to diversify professionally, horoscope 2018 study suggests. There will be huge demands made on your time and your energy levels could become depleted. Despite your mammoth efforts, and trying as hard as you do to please, at the end of the day, there is only one of you to go round. When everything seems to come together like this it is better to ask for the help of others. Those around you will be only too pleased to assist you. You could make a new and close friend in the process.

October – You may feel drained by those at work and when you try to get some support from family there might be a problem there too that you don’t feel equipped or inclined to deal with. It’s at times like these that you need to draw on your innermost resources. The best solution would be to take some time away from it all. It’s a super time to book a short break so that your personal and professional relationships can heal themselves.

November – You may seek out meditation, Yoga and /or Reiki Healing. Certainly, you could feel the need to slow down since the pace of your life and career has become very fast. You will probably recognise the signs your body is giving you that it’s time to take a break and chill out. If you are able to find ways to refresh your mind, body and soul at this time, you will be happier in yourself and more productive in work.

December – Capricorn horoscope predictions for 2018 show your life has become very stable in terms of your career and finances. Capricorn men and woman can look back at the end of 2018 and be proud of what you have achieved. Others will be proud of you too, especially people in your closest friends and family circle. One area that may need attention is your love life and relationship if you have one, which does not seem settled or particularly stable. Perhaps this should be your main focus in 2018.

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