Man and Woman Traits – Capricorn

Capricorn Personality – Male And Female

Capricorn Woman 

Aries Male and FemaleSaturn will constantly rule the Capricorn woman. She can be ultra-feminine, thoroughly lovely and flirtatious or icy aloof and cold. Whatever her exterior look, she is born with a steely determination to snag the right guy, somebody who will make her proud and somebody who will be an excellent father to her kids. Her objectives will always be security, regard, position and authority. However it happens, this woman will get her recognition. Generally women of this sign are profession driven women, however, they always yearn for a sense of balance and harmony, understanding instinctively exactly what is right, proper and appropriate.

The woman of this sign has natural breeding and grace. She is traditional, conservative and has an inbuilt sense of social behaviour. She will always seem even-tempered and mentally steady though underneath she is not. She can be seized by the deepest and darkest states of mind and she can brood and worry for days. Saturnine gloominess is triggered by slight fear of the future and bother with today, personal shame over the past or a suspicion that she is being made light of or is inadequate in some way. She will not accept teasing and requires appreciation.

She does not suffer fools easily and her physical desires can never ever be satisfied casually. She looks for a firm foundation and security. She is very conscious of social decorum.

Physically these ladies have a fresh charm and lots of them are attractive in unusual forms. She may need a lot of peace of mind about her individual attractiveness. She will keep her vibrant appearance well into the years ahead.

She is really household orientated and has a strong sense of responsibility and duty to the household. Frequently Capricorn woman may find themselves strained with caring for a senior mom and dad however she will fulfil the responsibility, however, lengthy and mentally draining it could end up being.

Such a woman makes an exceptional other half and keeps a pristine, well-run house. Great music stirs her deeply and she likes all kinds of art. She worships tradition and sees nothing attractive about people who fail in life. She could be a tireless employee for the poor, the needy the homeless but she could prefer to show her charity as part of a team effort. Female Capricorns makes natural leaders of ladies clubs. She will constantly climb upward and there’s nothing fancy about her. She is neither overbearing nor loud, but she will be the one who gets picked up by the employer and is advanced.

What this woman yearns for is monetary security and a guy who can provide well for her and her household. She is traditional and conservative in appearance. She can be extremely careful financially and is able to manage on the tiniest budget plan if need be.

Her skin could be really delicate. These ladies are susceptible to allergies. Stubbornness could be one of her vices, yet there is a deep splendour in her love that will last a lifetime.

Capricorn Man 

Is fiercely ambitious, yet ruled by the stern demander of discipline, Saturn. In his mind he is an incurable romantic, however, Saturn dampens his natural yearnings. Due to this, he will appear stable, reliable, outwardly good with his hands and really severe. His humor is paradoxical, tongue-in-cheek and dry. Inwardly he is a gentle dreamer. He hungers for enjoyment and thirsts for adventure, however, his standard Saturnine character will constantly win through. As a result, he is conservative, really determined and very enthusiastic.

He will hardly ever reveal his true wants and will come across as being extremely stern. Many Capricorn men live with their moms much longer than the average. They normally fall in love later than a lot of men and they rarely wed prior to becoming well settled in an occupation and wait until they have a healthy bank balance.

Capricorn man looks for pedigree and excellence in a mate; a good mother, a great cook, somebody with exceptional manners, great breeding and lovely. This fellow can be stingy with his affection.

These men will usually be good fathers, however, he will require respect and obedience from his offspring. He will firmly insist on routine and discipline. He will be conscientious, organised and reputable.

He will take his time in courtship and this is why Capricorn marriages are mainly very strong and resilient. He’s not a fiery lover, or specifically romantic, but he will offer protection and dependability.

This man is not a carefree celebration kind; he is calm and quiet, not aggressive or highly strung. You can often see Capricorn man with curly blonde or red hair and blue eyes.

There’s a faint aura of melancholy and significance surrounding this man. He has especially strong feet and normally puts on practical shoes. His hands are capable. His voice is calming and there is gentleness about the eyes. Yet inside he’s as tough as nails. He is persistent, reputable and hammers away relentlessly when responsibility calls.

This guy has an iron tummy and dangerous horns. He will always court success and have huge respect and appreciation for those in higher rank than him.

The disadvantage of this sign is that he can be gloomy, pessimistic, cold, self-centered and almost impossible to satisfy. In childhood, they are inclined to be weaker and sicklier than other children, but both strength and resistance to disease seem to enhance with age.

He has a fantastic stamina and fantastic potential for survival. Lots of Capricorn people live past the century mark. It is fear and fear and gloom that are their deadliest enemies and some are prone to depressive ailments. The man who wishes to prevent illness needs to have loads of outdoor exercise. May of these people have sensitive skin and can be prone to nervous rashes, allergies, roughness, chapping sores, acne breakouts. Stomach conditions from incompatible food and psychological grief prevail, likewise broken legs and arms could happen with the knee caps, joints and bones being the prone areas. Many are susceptible to psychosomatic paralysis, serious headaches and kidney infections.

The goat has to look for the sunlight and make fun of the rain to stay healthy. He’s a timid sweet soul, if a trifle stubborn. Remember Capricorn man will constantly hold back his own desires to obtain what he actually wants in the longer term.

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