2018 Cancer Monthly Horoscope Analysis Summary

Month By Month Forecast For Cancerians

June 22nd – July 22nd

Month wise, 2018 looks like an overall positive Cancer year for men and women born under this zodiac sign. Find out what your predicted challenges and surprises might be this year.

January – This will be an extremely busy month for people born under the sign of the crab. Your feet will rarely touch the ground and you could find yourself in a real social whirl. There could be some concerns with money, so take care not to overspend on frivolities. You may find your personal relationships challenging and, to cap it all, your seniors will be expecting to see tangible results in the projects you have been assigned to. Try not to get overwhelmed by the demands made on your time. Pace yourself, breathe deeply and all will be well.

February – Lady Luck will favour men and women born under the water sign of Cancer this month. Your natural instincts will alert you to the important things to worry about so try not to get bogged down by trivia and learn how to best prioritise your time. Careful management of your personal resources will see you fly through the period and wonder what all the fuss was about.

March – Cancer 2018 study indicates you might have to be prepared to make some tricky and risky decisions this month. Although your finely tuned psyche is not going to make you feel very easy about this, providing you interact well with others and take your time, you will be fine. Your decisions will be careful ones and you will be well-informed about possible outcomes, whether positive or negative. Have confidence in your abilities and all will be well.

April – You may feel a bit fragile this month. Whether this is due to stress at work, family problems, or simply that your work/life balance is out of kilter. Either way, people born under the water sign of the crab could find using alternative therapies very helpful, especially when symptoms like tiredness, headaches or indigestion are vague annoyances, as opposed to real illnesses. If you look at your diet, you may be drawn to organic products and homemade options as opposed to processed and convenience foods.

May – You are likely to feel more energised this and could consider taking some time out with loved ones. There could be some bridges that need rebuilding within your family circle. Getting involved with like-minded others will be beneficial for you and if you are part of a team in getting things done you will be very successful and earn good rewards. Don’t be tempted to go it alone in May 2018. For people born under the side-stepping zodiac sign of the crab this month is all about reconciliation and realising there is strength in numbers.

June – Cancer monthly horoscope study suggests there could be some big changes ahead of you this month. As a sensitive water sign, you will be able to feel the unsettlement around you. Your relationships may either require a re-boot or there could be an ending. In your career, there could be some uncomfortable times ahead where people you thought you knew do not act in a way that cements your trust in them. All in all, it is a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

July – My 2018 horoscope suggests you will be footloose and fancy-free in July. For the Cancer woman, this is a great month to enjoy some personal treats, like having your hair and nails done. Buy some new clothes, sort out your wardrobe and freshen things up. For the male Cancerian you could be looking more carefully at the image you portray to others and you may find yourself thinking about buying some new additions for your wardrobe. There could be a very old pair of shoes you are very attached to that finally fall apart. Much as it pains you to part with them, it really is time for some new gear.

August – Don’t be surprised if there is some conflict with younger members in your family. Youngsters might well be coming to you for money or for sorting out their debts. You may also find they need help and guidance with personal issues. Despite being headstrong and defiant in some cases, the situation can be resolved amicably. You might find yourself in a young offender’s court where your offer of help is accepted.

September – You are likely to feel highly energised this month. You will be in a “get things done" frame of mind and your dynamic approach will be welcomed in a work situation. Others will follow in your wake as you speed up proceedings. Seniors will be extremely impressed by your performance and there could be an offer made to you which will boost your ego and your bank balance.

October – The Cancer monthly horoscope 2018 insight reveals that this month will be a very predictable one for you. In work, there won’t be any surprises and your bank balance will be extremely healthy. You may feel like treating yourself so go ahead. A bit of retail therapy would actually do you good. You are in a month where the security of your working life will give you peace of mind and you will be grateful that your employment is so stable.

November – If you have been puzzling over what you really want out of life and/or have been pondering over events out of your control, your mind should feel less anxious and you will gain some of the clarity you are have been seeking. Certainly, you will feel more optimistic about your position in life and proud of your achievements. November is likely to be a time for quiet reflection with a positive outcome,

December – Your friends and family will welcome spending time with you and you are going to enjoy the socialising that comes with this month. Overall 2018 has been a positive year for folk born under the water sign of the Crab. You are likely to be in high spirits and will enjoy the parties and social events you are invited to. The family will play a very important part in your celebrations.



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