Woman And Man Character – Cancer

Cancer Temperament – Female And Male

The Cancer woman

Man and Woman Cancer TraitsThis lady can display an entire array of different emotions that can be disconcertingly complicated. Just like the Cancer male she will have a fixation with conserving cash and making shrewd financial investments. She will never ever lose money and will constantly have a little something put by for a rainy day.

She could well fuss over her mate a bit like a mom and there are some women who can be a bit clingy. There’s nothing shallow or superficial about this woman. She will be faithful for a lifetime and always very sensitive with it.

She will be hard to measure in an unpredictable sort of  way because her moods will fluctuate regularly. She can be fascinating and strange, however also really aggravating. She is full of appeal when she wishes to be, but her deepest feelings will just be evident to individuals closest to her.

If she is emotionally hurt, she has a difficult Cancerian shell which she will conceal her emotions under. She can be a little squirrel hoarding things from her past that have emotional value and she will be possessive of everything belonging to her. She will always wait patiently for difficult times to pass and will not let anybody down whom she genuinely enjoys spending time with.

This lady will make an excellent mother and this is a strong maternal sign. If she has no kids her animals will become her kids. She will constantly look after them, nurture and nourish them well. The Cancer female and male share the same weak points and strengths with regard to their health.

The Cancer Man 

Is usually a very private person, who will take a bit of learning more about. He can be fickle and flirtatious but likewise really sensitive and faithful. In some cases his manner can be crabby and honestly quite off-putting, however, this outward persona can simply and quickly develop into more endearing tones and he’ll suddenly kick off a deeply appealing chuckle which is very infectious. His laugh can be completely manic and over the top. This shows simply one aspect of his personality. Nobody likes a laugh much better than the Cancer man yet his cranky sense of humor will frequently arise from a deeply delicate observation of human nature.

This is a guy who will be old-fashioned enough to court a lady in every sense of the word and he can be the most charming dreamer every lady could want for, however he’s likewise got his feet firmly situated on terra firma and although his moods could change, his usual nature will remain the exact same. He will have tremendously expressive attributes and will never forget any lessons life teaches him. He reveres the past and will commonly have an interest in antiques, old treasures.

The Cancerian guy can appear aloof and rough on the surface, however underneath there will be a soft affectionate nature. The term “crabby” is precisely the right one to describe him when he goes into his shell.

This guy can be extremely moody and these mood changes might appear rather puzzling at first. If he is scared of losing something, he can be at his meanest. His exterior look typically covers deeply rooted inner fears. He longs for protection and will constantly be focused on money. He will pursue cash with unswerving devotion. Financial resources have actually always attracted him and he will much prefer to conserve cash than invest it. Money is no laughing issue to the crab guy. The tinkle of money soothes his nerves and he will have an intense interest in shares and stocks. He will never ever squander money. Quality and thrift are associated to the Crab man. He was born with the shrewdest sense of the value of cash.

There are 2 types of men from this sign. The first has a roundish face, soft skin, a large grinning mouth, almost circular eyes like the moon and rather an infant-like appearance. The second kind has the apparent appearance of the crab, with a fairly big head, an overhanging brow, and high cheekbones. There’s usually an evident jaw and if he hasn’t worn a restorative brace in his youth, his teeth could well have an abnormality about them. Some Cancer guys will be plump, but the males of this sign often have a noticeable bony structure.

He is a well of secrecy and has deep intuition but won’t give much away about himself … ever. He will not choose as to discuss his personal life openly though will be thrilled to find out about the lives of others. He collects info, absorbs it and mirrors it back.

His walk will never ever be a straight one since he has an uncanny knack of moving sideways. These individuals never ever go directly after what they desire.

The Cancer man has a strong sense of self-preservation, and he will constantly offer his time, his money, and his feelings. Nobody could ever implicate him of ever being spontaneous. He will very carefully determine his actions based on past experiences.

This guy will like his house. No issue how much cash he loads up in reserve he will never ever really feel safe. It is not unusual to discover Cancer guys near water.

Fear and uneasiness can make him ill. If he is afraid of monetary collapse or the loss of somebody he needs emotionally, he can easily fall under a deep depression which will trigger physical ailment. The most vulnerable locations are the chest, knees, kidneys, bladder, and skin. The head and face areas are also delicate as is the stomach and digestion system. Cancerians who utilize their humor to tide them with difficult patches are far less most likely to be prone to physical ailments, and numerous will live long to ripe ages. He can be very susceptible to negative thoughts yet can also develop a wonder of self-healing through positivity.

Just as the Cancer guy is an expert at making his financial resources grow and grow, he is likewise an exceptional gardener.

The true dichotomy of this man is that he is full of the most romantic and wistful dreams, yet as hard-nosed as they come when driving a monetary deal. It is very rare to discover a bad man from this sign.


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