Cancer Child Characteristics

Cancer Zodiac Analysis: Cancer Child Traits

cancer child personalityCancer Child Personality. This lunar infant will change his moods as frequently as you change his nappy. He’ll love food and drink as well all the colourful pictures that you can pass in front of his eyes. Whatever he experiences as a child will never leave him, even when he’s old and grey. Although his emotions will be rich and varied, he may feel lonely as a child.

Cancer children have strong emotional needs and the strongest influence on them will be their early home. He may be very shy, but secretly he will always wish to be made a fuss of, cuddled and adored.

Although the Cancer child may be rebellious in his teenage years he will usually be quite easy to manage because his inner life will sustain him. Despite his tender emotions, Cancer people are born to lead. There is a great deal of individualism and independent thinking in these people.

Cancer  children can be very tearful and if all the weeping doesn’t get him the tender sympathy he craves, he may grow up with a barren heart and  will probably end up as a recluse. These children need very careful nurturing.

His many fears will need calming as a child and he will require much emotional empathy. If he is denied tender understanding in the early years there is a danger he may grow up warped and twisted. Sometimes Cancer children  bury themselves under a financial empire to replace love and affection withheld from them as children.

They can imagine hurts and slights or dream up rejections that never existed. Special care must be taken to convince them they are good, smart, pretty, and handsome. They are unusually close to their mothers.

The teacher always finds Cancer children excellent in History because they rarely forget dates. There’s hardly any detail they can’t vividly imagine.Happy Cancerian children will run up huge food bills. They will scour the papers looking for jobs. They take great pride in earning and saving money. They will be efficient with cash and have a healthy interest in finances even from a very young age.

The cancer child characteristics will ensure you are kept amused with jokes and funny faces. This is a child who may travel far in life and reach the top of his profession, but he will always return home to his roots on a regular basis. You can be sure of that.

Tips For Parents

Since the Cancer child can so easily imagine hurts and slights that never existed it’s best to let love find a way. A good old-fashioned spanking, if required, will do the trick along with plenty of hugs and kisses and lots of expressions of affection. I can’t stress the need for an abundance of affection in the early years of life.

Happy Cancer children run up enormous food bills but may use food to soothe hurt feelings. Parents should also note that Cancer children like to work for pay. They will be very careful with money and will enjoying saving it up. They may work their way through college to help pay the bills.


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