Ash Tree Horoscope 2020 – Celtic Mystic Tree Astrology

ASH – The Enchanter

Feb 18 – Mar 17

Primary Celtic Animal: The Adder

Celtic Mythical Character: Gwyddien

Celtic Ash tree horoscope signIn Celtic Druid lore, people born under the Celtic zodiac sign of the Ash tree are considered enchanters. They have strong characteristics of intuition, imagination and natural artistry. My Ash tree horoscope shows that the wonder of nature is inspirational to them and they, in turn, inspire others around them.

Ash people can expect 2020 to be a year of adventure and excitement seeking! This is a year to follow impulses and be confident in yourself and your abilities. These traits will be far more in evidence this year than in years gone by. At the same time, Ash men and women will find they are more realistic and in greater harmony with the world around them. This is also a year where these people will strongly value their independence, my Celtic astrology Ash analysis suggests. As an Ash person, you are equipped to deal with almost anything that life will throw at you so be confident in your ability to handle life’s challenges in 2020.

When considering romance and relationships in 2020, Ash people can be confident that their love life will be better than more recent years. All the Celtic indicators suggest that they will be more active socially and open to close relationships. If this individual is an Ash person who is in a current relationship then rest assured that that relationship will grow and become even more enjoyable. This may be a year where these men and women make more friends than some previous years because they are optimistically positive and this transfers into their social relationships. It is highly likely that single Ash men and women will meet a potential new love interest during 2020. The indicators are very strong. Expect more socially active life in 2020 and to attend more events and receive more invitations. As a singleton, feel free to express your true self to those you meet and you will make friends who like you for who you are or are romantically interested for the same reason.

Ash Tree Horoscope And Living

Looking at the year from a work perspective, Ash men and women can anticipate a good period. It is time to deploy your natural skills and talents to ensure you are prominent in the office or workplace and catch the manager’s eye. If you feel your current professional job doesn’t allow you to express your abilities then this is definitely a year to consider a change. As an Ash man or woman will be at your best when employed in a job that you enjoy.

Finances are not likely to be high on the Ash person’s agenda this year. Take care as this may lead to some financial problems at some point during the year. Pay special attention to your living budget and make sure you apply logic to managing it. Impulsive or unnecessary purchases may tempt you in 2020 but should be avoided.

2020 looks to be a year where Ash people have more energy and reflection on their health habits. This is a time to look at how they can better be good to themselves from a health perspective. If these people aren’t exercising then it’s a good time to start but also look at other bad habits that may not be helping on the health front. Make changes and be persistent in carrying them through.

Looking over the year, 2020 will be a mixed year for Ash people. Expect a period of change in the first third of the year as well as some emotional challenges. The middle third of the year sees Ash people busy and working hard. The final third of the year is an active period and a time to make sure these men and women complete commitments and not leave them unfinished. This is also an especially positive time but one that may have Ash sign individuals questioning a number of things and seeking answers.

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