2018 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Forecasting

Month Wise Forecasting For Aquarians

January 21st – February 19th

Month by month, this should be an Aquarian year of great promise. Read on to discover what fate may have in store for you.

January – This is likely to be a time where you will be answerable to no person. In a state of self-imposed self-sufficiency, Aquarians will have an air of authority about them that no one else will dare to question. You are likely to feel that it’s time to sit back and relax, taking things at your own pace for a while and this will be a good month to recharge your batteries.

February -This is an excellent Aquarius 2018 month for you to focus on hobbies and personal interests. You will be physically active, enjoying both your work as well as your home life. For the single Aquarians, there could be the start of a new romance. For those already in partnerships, you will feel happy, content and communication between the two of you will be excellent. There will be mutual understanding and cooperation which will make your time together very enjoyable.

March – You will have the Midas touch this month. Certainly, I foresee some excellent opportunities to make money and to spend it. There is a feeling of abundance, spontaneity and impulse about this time where Lady Luck will smile on all those born under the sign of the water carrier. If you see something you want, my advice would be to buy it. You can worry about making your savings grow later.

April – This is likely to be a steady period for men and women with traits arising from this zodiac sign. You are probably going to experience a certain amount of fulfilment where your career is concerned and there will be much satisfaction in doing well and achieving your goals. Others will seek you out for advice which they will follow and you will enjoy being the guru in your workplace.

May -This is likely to be a time when your own personal needs may have to come second to a home and family matter. There could be a health issue with a loved one which could potentially take up a lot of your time and consume a lot of your energy. You will be more in touch with your emotions this month and others may need your strength, resolve understanding and empathy.

June – This Aquarius month offers a most enjoyable time particularly in affairs of the heart and in familial relationship matters. It is an excellent time to try for a baby and your compatibility with partners and spouses will be especially harmonious. There is a feeling of exuberance, pleasure and joy for those born under the sign of Aquarius.

July – You may feel more tired than usual, possibly through restlessness at night causing lack of sleep. There could be worries about younger family members that are preying on your mind. Drinking lemon water daily would make you feel more refreshed and vitalised. Try to take time out to relax and restore a good work/life balance.

August – This is a month for slowing down and taking life at an easier pace. Try to be gentle on yourself. Others around you will follow your example. You will have more time to do the things you really want to and this will please you. I foresee free money flowing and empty pockets that fill again quickly. It could be a lucky phase for you financially.

September – You will be at your most critical and analytical in September, my Aquarius monthly horoscope 2018 charts suggest!. No one, who is close to you, will escape your intense scrutiny. There may be travel on the horizon with your work which you will enjoy, though may not, at first, relish the prospect of. You could also be involved in a humanitarian cause which will make you feel good about yourself.

October – What a lovely month for romance! Aquarian folk could find themselves falling easily and effortlessly in love. For those less impressionable, there could be the opportunity to rekindle an old flame who turns up out of the blue. This period could allow an opportunity for a trip down memory lane. It will certainly be a period full of pleasant dalliances and pleasant surprises.

November -You are likely to be extremely sexually aware in this 30-day period which shows as a strong Nov trait. You will also be under no illusions about the opposite sex. It’s a curious mix of wanting to seek out sexual pleasures but feeling wary at the same time. You may wrestle with these emotions and could end up feeling that no one else really understands you. On the one hand, you want to have fun but, on the other hand, you have very high moral standards, Aquarius.

December – This is a month where everything seems to work out for the best and very much in your favour. You will find the right balance between work and home-life, you will feel a great sense of achievement in your work while at the same time you will feel you have not neglected either home or family life. You will have made the right adjustments so that you have retained your personal independence (which is highly important to you) and at the same time you won’t have shunned your family obligations. Those in partnerships can reflect back on a generally very happy 12 months.



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