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Aquarius Personalities – Man and Woman

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Astrological PersonalityThis woman will be absolutely faithful in love, however, she will also have the detachment and absence of feeling normal of all the Air Zodiacs. She will have weird dreamy eyes and lots of friends, yet she will always remember her first true love. She will be entirely truthful in relationships, yet the reason why there are so many Aquarian divorcees is that if a situation becomes unbearable, the Aquarian nature will turn its back on it overnight and never go back. She is a real individualist and will want to express that at every given opportunity.

She will probe and probe till she gets all your methods worked out, however, she will never ever share her own exclusive ideas. She’ll keep her own intentions hidden, yet she will be truthful to a fault. She will be rather cagey with money, but her own credit score will be good and she will never ever live past her means. She will be uneasy about owing money for bad debts because they don’t fit with her personal code.

Aquarius woman is frequently the most lovely woman in the zodiac. Plenty of them have really interesting appearances. She will not be ‘standard’ and is significantly forceful on being treated as an individual.

She will use her hair in an unusual style much of the time. The style will be totally specific and special. She is entirely captivating until she pops out with a remark that definitely bears no relation to what others are stating or the opinions that they are expressing.

Aquarian ladies are baffled by motherhood and the rearing of children. At the end of the day, she is not of a mind to commit all her attentions and energy exclusively to one human being because she likes to spread herself far and wide. Yet she will be a good mother in the sense that she’ll be able to acquire the total trust and belief of her offspring. She’s fantastic at arranging and assuring young minds they can sort out their problems and she can turn tears into laughter within minutes. She will certainly avoid cloying them with her affection. However, they will be well looked after and she will not nag too much.

She will constantly listen to you but will probably never follow your explicit instructions to the letter because that is not in her nature. You can be assured that she will constantly and continually be an individual spirit, one-of-a-kind and uncommon. The line between friendship and love is frequently unnoticeable to Aquarians and that can confuse many of the other zodiac signs.

This woman will hate jealousy or possessiveness and she will have lots of pals who will come in all sorts of sizes and shapes that you will need to accept if you like her. Never ever forget her intuition is amazing and if you try to deceive her she will very likely cotton onto you sooner rather than later.

Aquarius Man

This man is a realist with a kind and tranquil nature. Nevertheless, one of his preferred things is to confront the more traditional views in society with periodic poor conduct. He will be gently spoken and well-mannered for the majority of the time, however, he may then come out with the most unforeseeable actions and outstanding statements. He is ruled by Uranus so he will not conform to the dictates of society. He may deliberately adopt an unusual mindset to show his rejection of society’s norms.

He will experiment constantly and will enjoy trying to resolve all types of mysteries and challenges. He will be fascinated by politics, absorbed by sport, interested by kids, old individuals, the equine breeds, clinical breakthroughs, alcoholics, medicine abusers, motorbikes, computers, guinea pigs … you name it.

Since he is a product of the dual sexuality of Uranus there will often be feminine characteristics in male bodies, such as broad hips. (In female Aquarians there could well be manly characteristics like broad shoulders). Such is the dichotomy of this Air zodiac symbol.

Aquarius man’s character is intricate because one day he can be acutely comical, perverse, initial, conceited, independent; the next day you will find him gentle shy, sympathetic and kind. He finds his security in a crowd of pals, but then he might become moody, morose and wish to be left completely alone. He has razor sharp instincts and understanding and is a natural rebel who feels that lots of customs and norms are wrong and that what the world actually requires is a revolutionary change.

He will frequently assess complete strangers, situations, and pals. He will become bored if he succeeds at puzzles too quickly. His favored method is microscopic inspection. Regardless of his fixation with friendships, Aquarians tend not to have numerous intimates. He will look for amount rather than quality and will seldom sign up to a steady relationship for more than a short amount of time. He is continuously on a path of discovery.

This man can be peculiarly isolated in numerous areas and typically misconstrued by humanity. His mind will reside in the future and will come back only briefly to the present. Astrology states that as the Aquarian thinks, so the world will think in 50 years time.

This Sun association is referred to as the indication of genius. Simply bear in mind there’s a tenuous line between genius and madness and people under the zodiac symbol of Aquarius can occasionally make you ask yourself which side of the line they are on.

Aquarians are a curious mix of cold, practicality and eccentric routines and they appear to possess a nascent understanding with the emotionally unstable. It’s an unusual trait that all Aquarians will have a perceived natural empathy with the insane and can soothe them by merely speaking to them. He will easily clear up hysterical individuals and relieve frightened kids. This may be due to the fact that his own nervous state is often extremely intense.

The Aquarian man has a really broad outlook and it is uncommon to discover anybody under this astrology sign who is prejudiced. Aquarians hate to be pinned down and he will duck out of certain appointments really easily. Nonetheless, if he makes a pledge he will not break it. His ideals are equality, brotherhood and love for all.

He will reel at shocks and will not trust people easily. When he’s made a buddy of you he will be a real friend in every situation and devoted to the end, though he will ask the most awkward questions.

Ailments in these individuals are usually linked with the blood circulation system. The ankle joints  are vulnerable and he will suffer from regular aching throats, and occasionally heart palpitations. Aquarius people need a lot of fresh air, rest and workout but they hardly ever take the benefits of these treatments.

He will not have the very best memory on the planet, however his powers of concentration are incredible. He can continue a challenging discussion and still not lose out on what’s happening in a separate part of the room at the same time. He will not jump to any conclusions until it’s passed the test of his razor sharp mind.

This man dislikes lying, unfaithful people and will avoid borrowing and providing cash whatever it may take. Aquarians always keep their word, pay their bills on time and they expect others to do the same. Charge cards frighten him. He is an idealist. Standard authority leaves him unimpressed. His mind and body need to both be as free as the wind. He belongs to mankind, yet the soul of the Aquarius guy is continuously torn asunder by Uranus, the terrible and unpredictable onset of change which lets him see ahead with vivid clearness into the future. Even his metal, uranium, is not really a metal, however a radioactive metallic chemical discovered only in mixes.

He will be your finest buddy, your pal and confidant, however love is something else again for this man. Lots of strange experiences will come to this man through both love and relationship. To a male born under this sign, everybody is special and he will be neither self-centred nor petty.

These guys can be docile and touchingly gentle but his surface calmness is just a mirage. He will not put up with an iota of opportunistic manoevering from the opposite sex, yet if he discovers a woman who intrigues him initially, he can be an incredibly thoughtful enthusiast. He appreciates a lady who holds her ground.

A lot of these men get hitched late. When he has actually discovered his mate he will relax and focus upon more essential things. As you can see; he can be pretty persistent in love yet he will be a dazzling listener where children are concerned and he will never ever forget his first love.


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