2019 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Studies Summarised

Monthly By Month Forecast And Analysis For Aquarians

21st Jan – 19th Feb

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January – Your imagination might run away with you this month. Certainly, you will have opportunities to be creative and other people could be drawn to your personal magnetism and sense of humour. It’s a great month for getting things done and you will be highly productive in the workplace.

February – This is likely to be a fun month for Aquarian men and women where you will enjoy the company of many people. You’re are likely to be especially talkative and communicative, also the centre of attention and others will enjoy your mad-cap ideas and crazy schemes. You may be able to gain some insight into what you really want to do. Romance is in the air and for those who are single, there may be some opportunities to meet some highly compatible others.

March -There could be some ideal opportunities for you to further yourself in your employment this month. Seniors will be watching you closely. Don’t be surprised if one of them recognises your potential and unique contribution. There could be some interesting and exciting news towards the end of the month. Be ready to grab life by the horns.

April -You may have a clear vision of what the future is likely to hold for you, but you will need others to help you find your way forward. This month’s forecast strongly suggests that you will need to collaborate with others and seek out help from senior people of you are to realise any of your ambitions. Try not to appear too haughty with your forward-thinking. You can gain respect simply by communicating with others and by sharing knowledge and experience.

May – This could be a very up and down month for those born under the sign of the water carrier. Things may not go your way in work and your partner may not show the understanding and sympathy that you feel would benefit you. It may not occur to you that you are being incredibly self-centered. The best strategy to survive this month will through clear focus and application. Perhaps some kind words for others would not go amiss.

June – This month you may find yourself tested at your place of work. There could be colleagues who are not the most co-operative and who cause you to worry. At this point in the year, you could easily start to consider working for yourself. Try not to let worries at work spill over too much into your private life, otherwise personal relationships could cause you additional worry and stress.

July – You will be at your most charming mid-summer and your natural magnetism will draw people in. Your interests in family affairs could be heightened this month, especially when those close to you seek your approval. Be sure to give them all the support they need. It could prove beneficial in the much longer term and ward off potential arguments and disagreements.

August – This is likely to be an extremely busy month for you. Unwelcome demands will be made on your time both at work and at home. I sense a tension in family matters. You may feel you are being pulled in too many different directions. The way forward will be through compromise and communication.

September – This month could be a turning point for you. You will have had time to make some important decisions regarding career. Friends will be very important in helping you shape your thinking, although you are unlikely to take anyone’s advice you will enjoy listening to their input.

October – This is a good month for visiting older people. One of them could become your mentor, for a while, teaching you not to be quite so outspoken and instructing you in different ways to keep the peace, particularly in a tricky domestic situation. Your energy level should be high and you may receive some good news which will lift your spirits. Take care to tread carefully around someone at work who is vulnerable.

November – You may find yourself in a reflective mood at the beginning of the month, but this will serve to sharpen your wits and enable you to get other people thinking like you do. This is a good month for getting things done and finishing projects you have started. You will appear outwardly calm to others even though inwardly you may feel frustrated. This will not affect your eloquence or your unique ability to charm others.

December – This could be your lucky month, especially around the festivities of Christmas. You are likely to solve problems easily and effortlessly in your career and this could be the boost you have been waiting for. You will feel happy in your own skin and for once, your modern thinking will bring you good news and life- changes that could both surprise and shock you, Aquarius.

Angharad Reese

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