Alder Tree Horoscope 2020 – Celtic Mystic Tree Zodiac

ALDER – The Trailblazer

Mar 18 – Apr 14

Celtic Animal: The Fox

Celtic Mythical Character: Bran

Alder tree horoscope symbolMen and women born under the druid Celtic tree sign of Alder are considered Pathfinders, movers and shakers. These people are passionate, gregarious and charming, mixing easily with most different types of personality. Boredom is not a characteristic associated with these people and they make good partners and excellent friends.

My Alder tree horoscope analysis, based on the Celtic Calendar, suggests a gentle, calm 2020 lies ahead. This should be a steady year for the men and women of this sign and where major changes occur, they will be at the instigation of these people and not externally. This is a year of small changes and Alder men and women will need to take a positive action if they want to introduce a greater deal of excitement into their lives during 2020.

In keeping with the calm outlook for this year, indicators suggest strongly that romance for this sign will be stable compared to bygone years. Recent years will have seen quite volatile events on the relationship front but 2020 is a complete opposite. In existing relationships, this is a year to think about what is going to be said to a partner before saying it. It is not a time for impulsive reactions to romantic events as this will only lead to trouble further down the path.  Singletons of this sign may find this is a time to look at friends who could be partners rather than searching for someone new. People of this sign are happiest if they are meeting and dating people who have a lot in common. Again, in keeping with the theme of this year trying to maintain calm and not act impulsively. Alder tree horoscope study shows that all in all, this is very much a relationship year involving give-and-take and you will find you get out of relationships what you put into them in 2020.

Alder Tree Horoscope Lifestyle Areas

Alder people can expect calm and stability in their working life, however, this doesn’t preclude opportunities for advancement and success but will have to do instigate such things themselves and be prepared to put a lot of hard work into achieving them. As a result, they will feel they are making a greater contribution and this, in turn, will help them achieve things in their job or profession. This is also a time to invest in good relations with a manager or supervisor as the indicators suggest a good relationship on this front will be beneficial in future and helpful in progression.

Financially, money should be in satisfactory supply during 2020 and these men and women will be able to manage their financial positions with confidence. Alder individuals may well find they have more spare cash this year and if they can, they should invest that extra in areas that can make or save more money.

My Alder tree horoscope suggests that 2020 looks a positive zodiac year from the well-being point of view, both physically and mentally. A good goal for a healthy year will be to become more active and spend more time outdoors where possible. It is likely that energy levels will wax and wane during the year so the more that can be done more energy will be had.

Looking over the Alder year, I find the first third of the year is an excellent time to focus on work and new opportunities or projects. The middle third of 2020 may herald a mixed period of commitment to help others but sprinkled with some confusion over life events at that time. The final third of the year as a generally positive time but the time for Alder people to proceed slowly if they feel things are getting on top of them. In essence, then this is a year when what people of the Alder tree achieve is very much up to them. Meet new people and go out more – seek happiness in 2020 and you will almost certainly find it.

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