About Angharad Reese


About Angharad Reese

areese2Celtic Astrologer Angharad Reese is a native of West Wales in the United Kingdom. She is a noted, respected practitioner and champion of Celtic astrology and Tree analysis. Angharad works as a consulting expert and counsellor on a personal client basis which she alternates with a teaching and Celtic research role.

She specialises in Druidic form astrological profiling, compatibility matching, and behavioural prediction for minors. In the latter case, she fulfils a role as a counsellor to both parent and child. This is one of her favourite professional commitments and one she is looking to expand in future.

As a proponent of Druidic Celtic astrology, she is passionate about promoting the history and potential of this astrology using the internet. This is an area she will also look to increase her online presence in over coming years.

Please note that Angharad is not able to provide personal readings or zodiac analysis at the current time due to her other commitments. She hopes to be able to offer consultations in late 2015.



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