Vine Tree Horoscope 2020 – Mystic Tree Forecast Study

VINE – The Equaliser

Sep 2 – Sep 29

Primary Celtic Animal: The Swan

Celtic Mythical Character: Tuatha de Danaan

Vine celtic horsocope symbolMen and women born under the Celtic astrology tree sign of the Vine are among the more volatile in Celtic tree astrology. The personality of these men and women can be highly unpredictable which leads to indecision and contradictory behaviour at times. More positively, fine people have the ability to understand both sides of an argument or debate and can generally empathise or sympathise with both sides of the divide. Fine individuals are also fond of the finer things in life can bring and often enjoy the pleasures of good food fine wine and great music. These individuals are very practical and analytical in their approach to things but are prone to worry and the search for perfection in everything.

My Vine charts for 2020 suggest a year greatly similar to 2019 for these people. This then is likely to be a continuity year but people born under this sign should take care not to let their life stagnate or become dull. This is particularly true in the workplace. It is important these people strive to make changes they feel are needed in order to achieve happiness. Indicators suggest that opportunities will come their way but will need to be seized.

In the year of continuity, these people will be pleased to hear that of the romantic life was good last year it will continue to be good in 2020. If you are happy in your relationship then there is no need to change what you’re currently doing as you have found a working situation and your main focus should be maintaining it. If, on the other hand, last year was not a good year romantically then you will need to make changes. These men and women would be well advised to think about areas of their relationship that didn’t seem to work last year and consider what changes could be made. Understand that this may lead these people to conclude they are with the wrong person so fine men and women need to be aware of this as they consider the state of the nation regarding their relationship. My Vine Celtic horoscope analysis suggests that relationships with friends and family will be good this year but it is important that Vine zodiac people think before they speak as this will save them a lot of difficulties.

Vine Celtic Horoscope Lifestyle Insights

Vine people may discover that changes made in the previous year will have an impact in 2020. That said. My Vine horoscope suggests a stable workplace situation without a great deal of change. Fine people’s focus at work should be better this year and natural talents are also likely to come through. Make sure these talents are used in order to have a successful and possibly progressive professional year.

Financially my analysis suggests that your management of money and tracking of your budget will improve in 2020. You should have enough in the pocket to cover all your commitments and the indicators are good that you will have extra to save for the coming years.

2020 looks to be a year of high energy for Vine men and women and this should be used to achieve goals at work and at home. This is also a year to exercise well and make sure that general all-round health and diet are maintained. This will help prevent many potential illnesses and injuries resulting in a good health year for this sign. Note however that these people should not overreach themselves or overstretch themselves physically or mentally or they may be long-term consequences.

The first third of 2020 may be full of surprises at home and at work. Surprises in which these people do not have control. These people may well find that the year begins positively but slows down as the middle of the year approaches. The middle third of 2020 may prove difficult for this sign. These people may be uncertain in several areas of life and unsure whether decisions are the correct ones however towards the end of the middle part of the year these people will settle and their decision-making confidence will return. Expect the year to end happily and with a lot of laughter.

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