Holly Tree Horoscope 2020 – Celtic Mystic Tree Forecasting

HOLLY – The Ruler

Jul 8 – Aug 4

Primary Celtic Animal: The Horse

Celtic Mythical Character: Govannon

Holly tree horoscope symbolMy Holly tree horoscope indicates that this tree sign is associated with royalty and regal status in druid lore. Individuals born under the Holly sign are generally noble, high-minded and can often end up in a position of leadership or power. They are people who easily accept challenges and are used to overcoming any obstacle using their tact and skill. They are intelligent quick-witted with great imagination but also often have a huge stubborn streak.

My Holly tree horoscope analysis very much suggests that 2020 will be a time of potentially great change and problem-solving. This is likely to be a year when these people discover a lot more about themselves than in previous years. This will generally come through observation of the world around them and the people who inhabit it. Holly men and women should be open to new influences and be inspired by the behaviour and performance of some of those around them.

In relationship terms, Holly people are very much in touch with their emotional side which can drive them towards traits of great love but also great jealousy. That said, My studies show that this will be a harmonious year for romantic relationships and these people will feel quite romantic generally. For those in a relationship, this will be appreciated by their partner. Singleton Holly people should take note that this is a fantastic year to look for new love. However before embarking on this journey make sure they have set aside time to consider what it is that they are looking for and what they would like to get from a relationship. Start by considering this and when ready, embark on the journey and focus on people with whom there is a lot in common. For Holly people, this may be a friend but don’t rule out somebody knew coming into your life. This is a time to be choosy and ensure that Holly people pick the best for themselves. People born under the sign should take care of what they say in the early stages of a new relationship as this can often set the tone for the future.

Holly Tree Horoscope Health, Finance And Profession

For druid zodiac Holly people in the workplace, there are some indications that this will be a place of some conflict in 2020. This is most likely to be in competition rather than a physical conflict and these people will need to be prepared for hard work in order to progress. The natural self-confidence of people born under this sign will stand them in good stead and they should see any professional competition as an opportunity and not as a threat. Setting personal goals in the workplace is a very positive thing to do in 2020.

When considering money this also looks to be a good year for Holly people, my Celtic Holly tree horoscope suggests. Financially these men and women will be comfortable and may well have some spare funds to enjoy themselves or save for the future. If there is an interest that can provide additional income then this is a good year to pursue that interest and make it a reality.

2020 looks to be an average year in terms of health and well-being for these people and they may find their health and energy levels are up and down throughout the year. The greatest health negatives this year is the potential for being overly inactive. This is to be avoided especially as it could lead to other health issues later in the year. Introducing a fitness or exercise regimen that can be easily followed would be a very good move in 2020.

The first third of 2020 is a time to exercise caution and ensure you have answers to any questions that may arise. There are indicators that this will be an emotional time for Holly people as well. The middle third of the year, by contrast, looks very positive and these people have good energy and could be faced with possible new opportunities that they should pursue. The final third of the year as a calm stable but also a good time to be looking into relationship matters if these have been rather slow earlier in the year.

A Reese

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