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BIRCH – The Achiever

Dec 24 – Jan 20

Celtic Animal: White Stag

Celtic Mythical Character: Lugh

Celtic Birch Tree Sign Of the zodiacPeople born under the sign of the Birch tree are creative individuals with original minds, my Birch tree horoscope shows. They are practical, driven and highly ambitious men and women but with great patience and a tendency to perfection. They are also very humorous and great company.

Analysis of Celtic Birch horoscope indicators shows that for Birch this is a fantastic year for self-improvement. This is true whether you are looking to improve your work, social, personal or love life. This is a time to believe in yourself and put your mind into self-improvement where you have the potential to achieve a great deal this year. Hard work and commitment stand you in good stead as you go forward in 2020 so make the most of the opportunities you create or come your way through good fortune.

When considering the romantic life of Birch people, it is clear from Celtic astrology interpretation that love is likely to be at the very centre of yourself as a person. If you are already in a long-term relationship, it may be that 2020 is the perfect time to take it to the next step. All the indicators are there, it is simply a case of deciding to do it if that is what you want from your romantic life. This may involve getting together, having an engagement or entering into marriage. It may involve starting a family or adding to an existing family. Whatever the next step looks like for you, my Birch chart suggests that 2020 is an excellent time to take it. If you are currently single and looking for a relationship then looking at your immediate social circle is a good place to begin the Celtic portents show. Consider whether there is a person in your immediate circle who you feel that little bit more for and have that little bit more in common with. It could be an excellent place to start a relationship from according to my Birch study.  It is important for Birch people to make their needs clear in a relationship but also make sure you listen and understand your partner’s needs.   This is a cycle for making new friends as well and you may find friends come into your life who are quite different from you as a person or your current friends. Newcomers can offer change and new opportunities that you may not have experienced or considered before. Take the time to recognise these new potential new elements in your life – you may fine a life-changing opportunity as a result.

Birch Tree Horoscope Work, Finance, Health

If you are a professional person or working in a job, as a Birch person and you may find historical connections are especially helpful this year. Indeed, success in your chosen career or business may be quite dependent on past clients or other very useful past contacts. That said, it is also important this year to gain new clients and forge strong relationships with others in your business or workplace. These relationships and new clients will help you catch the eye of your manager or supervisor and may well help you gain a reward of some sort.

Birch tree horoscope chart analysis of financial factors suggests it is the case that there may be some difficulties financially in 2020. However, these look to be partly offset by some new opportunities that will come your way. Despite some difficulty will find you are better placed and more knowledgeable to manage your financial affairs in this cycle. This will help you navigate the more challenging monetary issues that arise for you this year.

My Birch tree horoscope shows that from a health perspective, 2020 looks a very good year. However,  you must make sure to look after your health, Birch. Focus especially on improving your diet and increasing your levels of exercise. Make sure all your doctor and dental appointments are stringently kept as chart analysis suggests these will be especially important this year.

This will be a mixed year of new opportunity and inspiration but also requests for help from others. Overall this is promises to be an excellent year and one with opportunities to be seized. This year make sure to enjoy yourself – all the indicators are highly positive and you shouldn’t have a problem enjoying a very good Birch year.

Angharad Reese

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