Aquarius Annual Horoscope For The 2018 Cycle

Family and Friends

Aquarian symbol imageThis year is good for harmonious relationships within Aquarian circles the Aquarius yearly horoscope 2018 study indicates. Family and friends will be extremely supportive of both your personal and professional goals. There will be a real need for good clear communication as well as lots of empathy and understanding, and, for once, you may not be so focused on your career. For the best part of the year, you are likely to put more effort into finding a good work-life balance, relieving yourself of work related stresses and discovering a way of life which offers more relaxation and enjoyment.

Aquarius 2018 promises to be a year of new beginnings for those born under the sign of the water carrier. It is possible that there could be new additions to the family, whether by way of marriage or the birth of a new baby. My horoscope predictions suggest there will be much joy and happiness related to your home life.

It is probably best to avoid getting drawn into minor disagreements Aquarius, though there could be a few family quarrels on the horizon. Your intelligence and natural instincts will guide you in the right approach. There will be lots of opportunities to win people over if you use your smile and sense of humour. Combined with your subtle demeanour and gentle patience you are likely to be able to sort most things out to your own satisfaction.

Be prepared to make compromises and be careful of new friendships where all may not be as it first appears. Although Aquarians are very good at making new friends, 2018 could be the year where it might be better to rely on tried and trusted friendships. Showing sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of others is likely to be the area where Aquarians will thrive.

The year will provide men and women born under the sign of Aquarius lots of opportunities to make gains in both their personal and their professional lives and they will feel a renewed sense of direction and purpose in whatever they decide to do.

Love Compatibility and Relationships

Aquarians may feel the need to communicate more openly with loved ones and talk more frankly and honestly about their own most intimate personal needs and desires. It is a year for empathy and there will be many Aquarius months where opportunities present themselves. So be prepared, for there will certainly be a softening of approach and greater sensitivity whereby men and women born under the sign of the water carrier will be ready to listen and inwardly digest the messages they receive back.

My 2018 love horoscope based on personalities, predicts a harmonious compatibility year for these men and women, despite the odd minor disagreements which will be quickly and efficiently dealt with. A spontaneous approach will help to revive existing relationships that may have become a bit mundane and ordinary. If there has been a tendency to take each other for granted, for example, this year will provide new opportunities to show one another that you really do care and are willing to share. It is an excellent year to plan a family though I would advise surety in knowing that you are both in agreement, particularly where timing is concerned.

For the single Aquarian personality, there are likely to be many romantic opportunities providing you use subtle measures to conceal your cynical side and instead show off your kind and gentle nature. It is a year when the natural and engaging sense of humour that all Aquarians possess is most likely to flourish. Potentially this year holds much joy and enjoyment in relationships for Aquarian men and women.

2018 could also be an annual period of pleasant surprises for those born under the sign of Aquarius, particularly in the area of making new friends and cementing existing personal relationships. Your sexual radar will be finely tuned and you will instantly recognise those who are most likely to match and complement the creative and intellectual aspects of your personality. That’s not to say that your most private and intimate physical desires will not be met either. As I have already suggested, for Aquarius horoscope folk, 2018 is likely to be a year when the unexpected could please and delight.

Career and Work Ethic

2018 horoscope analysis shows there will be many opportunities to travel in connection with your work in 2018. Certainly, it will be easy for you to get the attention of your seniors and you will be allowed to play to your strengths in the first part of the year. In the second part of the year, your working life may not be so great. My horoscope predictions for 2018 suggest you are likely to face some uphill battles and struggles. There will be real challenges in the workplace where you will need all your tact and diplomacy to strike cordial relationships with both colleagues and seniors. The key to your survival and salvation is most likely to come through cultivating good relationships with customers. Even then, you are likely to face much antagonism which you will feel helpless to change the course of events.

It seems likely that those born under the sign of Aquarius will simply have to acknowledge their own shortcomings, traits and faults and play to their inner strengths until adverse conditions pass. As always these people are drawn to humanitarian causes where their expertise is likely to be in great demand.

Horoscope 2018 study indicates there could be some opportunities to show off your creative prowess in the early part of the year. Be wary of individuals who may try to play games with your integrity in the second part of the year.


This is most likely to be a lucky year for Aquarian people when it comes to wealth. You will have the freedom to spend your hard-earned cash on things that amuse and entertain you. I foresee free-flowing cash coming from the pockets of Aquarian folk and there will be plenty of it. 2018 is a year for enjoyment without restriction, though you will still have a keen eye for the future when it will be necessary to hold back and save more.

Health Summary

You will be flying high this year since your energy levels will be extremely high. You may feel as if you can take on the world though you will have need to watch your diet and it will be important to maintain a healthy level of exercise if you don’t want to fall ill.

My 2018 horoscope reading suggests that you should avoid fatty foods which could cause your digestive system some discomfort. Drinking lemon water and/or peppermint tea could ease any stomach cramps or bloating you might be experiencing. Mental exercise will keep you well balanced and ensure that your creative spirit is well stimulated.

Angharad Reese

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