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zodiac sign of virgo the virginJanuary – This cycle you finds you very conscious of the excesses of the festive period. This will incline you towards channelling your energies into a new fitness regime. If you have put on a few extra pounds, they will disappear. You will want to take more exercise, breathe in more fresh air and generally improve your sense of vitality and well-being. My Virgo monthly horoscope 2017 charts imply that starting a new fitness regime, taking regular exercise and cutting back on junk food, especially sugary foods, is what I foresee for health-conscious Virgo star sign people.

February – This period your focus will be on your finances, planning for the future, making ends meet and finding new ways to save and not spend money. If you are married, you will be physically very in tune with your partner which will be pleasing for your both. If you are single, you will feel a strong urge to mix with others, get out and about and make new friends. It is a perfect spell to take a weekend break which will lift your spirits.

March – This is rather a serious monthly spot for Virgo folk. You could find yourself pondering on spiritual matters, questioning what happens to people after death and researching the benefits of some natural healing methods like Reiki, for example. It is likely that you will gain some benefits simply from being still and jumping off the merry-go-round of life for a while. You may be interested in starting a new course about Mindfulness.

April – This is a splendid opportunity for spring-cleaning and Virgo people will be more thorough than most. This month will provide the perfect opportunity for you to clear out your cupboards, get rid of old things and release unwanted baggage. If you’ve been a bit of a hoarder in the past, then April will see you in ruthless mode, resulting in a complete cleansing and clearance of all your unwanted junk and garbage. Your house will be pristine by the time you have finished.

May – The Virgo monthly horoscope 2017 portents show that your focus is likely to be on furthering your career, gaining more skills through professional courses and/or further study. You may feel you need to embrace digital competence and keep right up-to-date with the latest technologies. Anything you embark on is highlighted for success and reward in my Virgo horoscope for 2017.Don’t hold back but smile with confidence. Others will admire you for your high self-esteem.

June – While you may feel your mind wandering, exploring the realms of your imagination, you would be wise not to stray physically too far from your home in the month of June. Avoid taking any physical risks and try not to get over-stressed by your work. This phase will pass and you will feel your inner strength and mental balance return after a period of minor disturbance, questioning and unsettlement.

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July – This is a time when your career will flourish and you will be very successful, particularly in dealing with people. There could be new business deals for you to manage or new contracts for your to organise. Whatever happens in your professional field of work, seniors and those in authority will note your highly organised, methodical and efficient approach. You could be well rewarded for your diligence and attention to detail.

August – This could easily be the month where you will be tempted by over-indulgence, partying into the night and consuming too much alcohol. Try to avoid excesses and enjoy the social side of being with others in high spirits without indulging in excesses. You will need your mental clarity for coping with the plight of an elderly person/ relative who is close to you. You may be called upon to make arrangements for them or help in some practical way.

September – You will be celebrating your finances since all your investments are doing well and you have nothing to worry about. Your monetary income remains steady and predictable and you will be able to see how your past financial planning has paid dividends. You may feel an increase in your psychic awareness and innate psychic abilities. Don’t be afraid to tap into your sense of knowingness.

October – You may over-spend this month without realising it. It could be an expensive splurge which you will regret in the cold light of day. Your love life may seem erratic if you are single. If you are in a partnership, you may fall out over a minor issue that causes hurtful words and arguments. Try not to dwell on words said in haste and/or in temper. Forgive and forget is my best advice.

November – This will be an extremely busy spell with lots of social events, promotions, campaigns and networking. Your business and social calendars will be full and you will work wonders with a difficult client. Enjoy the fun, the fury and the hustle and bustle of it all since it will be short-lived.

December – My Virgo monthly horoscope 2017 insight shows that you could feel rather moody and a bit over-sensitive. You have nothing to worry about really. December will provide you with good financial investment opportunities which you are likely to take and ultimately exploit. This is the end of a busy year for Virgo star sign folk where they have facilitated a good and healthy lifestyle balance between work and pleasure. Well done!

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