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taurus zodiac symbologyJanuary – This is likely to be an extremely busy month in work where lots of demands will be made upon your time. You could feel under pressure to make decisions too quickly, but if you stick to your guns, and follow your intuition, you will make the right choices which others will be grateful for. Your seniors may seem difficult and even obstructive in this process and you might feel you are not being listened to. My Taurus monthly horoscope 2017 forecasting suggests that if you make up your own mind, others will follow your lead and seniors will back off, recognising that your decisions are the right ones. Something positive will come from this process Taurus, though you may feel a bit jaded by the end of it. Be sure to follow up a doctor’s appointment about your muscle pain.

February – For those in steady relationships, February 2017 will demand honesty in partnerships, where Taurus may need to take time out for heart-to-heart discussions. The air will clear and your relationship will flourish. It could be a very romantic month, after a slightly rocky start where you rediscover your passion for one another. For those who are single, this could be a very flirty time where you could meet many interesting people and are attracted to more than a few. You will be of particular interest to others in social situations where you will attract admirers .As the life and soul of the party, you will draw others to you through your dry humour and witty conversation.

March – According to Taurus monthly horoscope 2017 chart interpretation, you might feel that you need to take a bit of time out of the social scene to meditate on recent events. A work situation could be tricky and you could well need a lot of patience to deal with someone in a senior position who appears to be determined to undermine your authority. While you may feel a bit emotionally drained, others will follow your lead. Maintain a positive attitude and you will be fine.

April – If you are feeling under professional strain, this is understandable with the pace of your work and the number of decisions you have been making recently in a relatively short space of time. This month could possibly put your family relationships under pressure also. So long as you keep the lines of communication open, all will be well. Your family will be particularly supportive providing you keep them in the loop.

May – While you could be battling with a new diet which involves reducing your sugar intake, you will benefit from a new and unexpected source of income which will be very welcome. You can be as extravagant as you like because money will be plentiful and easy to come by. You may be thinking of taking up yoga for much-needed relaxation. This would be good for your psyche and stop you worrying about losing weight.

June – This promises to be a Taurus horoscope month where you could be tempted to over-spend. You will be drawn to luxury items, possibly jewellery or a watch. Certainly, there could be some unforeseen expenses that you haven’t budgeted for. Your partner/lover might need some TLC. At first, this won’t be very obvious to you, but your relationship will benefit hugely from some straight-talking. If you can both be completely honest with each other, your relationship will move to a new level and there will be a lot of happiness in your immediate family circle.

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July – You could sense that your pace of work has slowed down my Taurus monthly horoscope 2017 charts show me. You may also feel a bit lethargic and reluctant to embrace the changes your bosses want to impose on you. It is vital that you maintain good relations in the workplace since you need to prove how well you can use your skills of diplomacy in the future if required. This could be a lucky period for those born under the sign of the bull. Don’t neglect to buy a lottery ticket. There could be a small windfall coming your way.

August -This has the potential to be a very emotional horoscope period. If things are not going too well in relationships, there could easily be a parting of the ways. Taureans are likely to feel very highly charged and disinclined to think or act in a logical manner. You may be feeling tired and run-down which doesn’t help matters. Try not to be too hard on yourself or on those closest to you.

September – You will feel more like yourself this monthly period because your stress levels will have reduced. You could be inclined to embark on a strict diet where you are promised to get results very quickly. Don’t be too easily fooled. With a sensible regime and regular exercise, you can easily achieve the results you want. Your family and friends may come to you for advice. Be prepared to offer them your wisdom and life experience, but don’t be surprised if they do not follow your way of thinking completely.

October – Relationships will be first and foremost on your mind my Taurus monthly horoscope 2017 analysis tells me. A younger person in the family may need your help and support. You possibly have to make some important financial decisions here which will require a step-by-step approach involving detailed planning and considerable forethought. Avoid someone who may try to manipulate your thinking, also someone who could try to put words into your mouth. This is not a month to be tardy or leave anything to chance.

November – There will be pressures on you in work as well as pressures on you at home from family and friends. Taurus monthly horoscope interpretation indicates this is an ideal time for a weekend away to recharge your batteries and confront the problems head-on. You may be engaged in some social networking which could be very beneficial to you. You will enjoy the company you keep and could easily be attracted to someone quite unexpectedly. This connection could easily ignite and become more than a dalliance.

December – You will be in high spirits this horoscope month Taurus and busy planning for the future, both in your personal life and in your professional life. Try to stay alert to new opportunities that could be right for you. This is an exciting period for Taurus and one that offers time for reflection as well as time to forge ahead in a new direction. Stay open-minded and the world could be your oyster.

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