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Scorpio month sun sign - the scorpionJanuary – This will be a very romantic month for those born under the star sign of Scorpio. There will be lots of opportunities to meet new people and you could strike lucky with one of them. I foresee you being totally loved up by the end of the month and eager to see what the future could hold. Emotions and passions will run high. While you may be smouldering with desire, don’t spoil things with that possessive, jealous streak.

February – My Scorpio monthly horoscope 2017 insight suggests that this month will spill over from January and will be filled with fun, pleasure, desire, sex and relaxation. You will feel on top of the world physically and the male will be very highly sexually charged. This is a month for pure undiluted love and romance where you could well experience an intoxicating relationship that keeps pulling you back in for more of the same.

March – There might be some money worries this month which will focus your mind on your employment. You will actively seek out more working hours if they are available and your seniors will be impressed by your determination and dedication to duty. You won’t shy away from extra responsibilities and people may lean on you because you are so willing. Don’t let others take advantage of you and exploit your generous nature.

April – This might not be the best horoscope month of the year for you, Scorpio. For one thing, there could be minor tensions and silly niggles in your relationship. You could have to deal with an over-emotional teenager who comes to you for advice. You may have to show considerable outward strength and not deviate or show any sign of weakness since others are relying on you. Although inwardly you could start to feel the turmoil around you, outwardly no one would guess you are not feeling strong.

May – This an excellent horoscope month for your work according to my Scorpio monthly horoscope 2017. There could be an advancement which will give you more money or there could simply be a well-earned pay rise that should have come to you a few months earlier. Either way, you will be very much in pocket and the extra cash will give you the lift you need. You could be successful if you are applying for a new job. Luck will definitely be on your side.

June – There will be many changes for you this month, both in your personal as well as your professional life. Your feet won’t stand still and you will be faced with new choices and decisions. Try to talk things through with your partner and/or close friends. They know you and your true capabilities. Two heads are better than one and a good friend might point out some detail you could have missed.

2017 Scorpio Horoscope Closing Months

July – Your stress levels will run high this horoscope month and you will need to find some coping strategies otherwise you could fall ill. One way forward is to avoid confrontation by simply not being drawn into little arguments. Keep your own counsel, make sure you get enough rest and don’t change your schedules at the last minute. This will help keep the tension levels to a minimum and relieve you of some of the pressure.

August – You will feel out of sorts with yourself and with life, in general, this month. You may be feeling impatient and frustrated in work and one member of your family may annoy you particularly. Be careful not to engage in too many disputes, whether personal or professional. You won’t win every argument and it will sap your energy when you don’t.

September – There could be a serious flirtation going on at work this month. Certainly, your heart will be fluttering and there will be butterflies in your stomach. You may toy with the idea of starting an affair. The magnetism of one person will be very strong and equally hard to resist. Passions will run high and you will feel on top of the world.

October – Try not to make any foolhardy decisions with your hard-earned cash. You might be very attracted to an investment proposition, but be sure to do your research first before you sign anything. Think twice before you part with your hard-earned cash. My 2017 horoscope for Scorpio warns that caution is needed. Only fools rush in and live to regret it afterwards.

November – My Scorpio monthly horoscope 2017 shows there will be changes and transformations all around you this month. You will hear news from a distant relative that may surprise you. Watch out for a letter or e-mail (not a text) that could contain some important information. Don’t be caught out by others for not paying full attention to what they are telling you. Listen carefully and take the time to inwardly digest. You may have to act quickly, so be prepared and focused.

December – You feel more tired this month with your energy levels declining. It could be a time to take a break, perhaps a weekend to get away from it all. A last minute break away could be just the job. There will be lots of socialising with family and friends which will help to regenerate you and you will enjoy feeling close to loved ones Scorpio.

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