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Sagittarius month zodiac symbol - the archerJanuary – An excellent month for anything to do with career and/or work. You will be extremely motivated and earn well. Seniors will notice you and you will impress the people that count. Be sure to watch out for sprains particularly in the ankle area. If you do have such an injury, take care and don’t overdo it or you may exacerbate issues.

February – You will spend time with family and friends, you will enjoy being able to relax from the rigours of work.A younger member of your family may need your help and/or advice. You may feel that you have been sleep-deprived last month, so this is an excellent month to catch up with your rest. Don’t let others make you feel guilty for getting up later in the mornings.

March – You will have a round of social engagements which you will really enjoy as well as many hours of work-related business to deal with. You will work hard and play hard, taking all the challenges into your stride and coming out smelling of roses. Other may feel envious of your abilities and achievements. Don’t let their sarcasm undermine your self-esteem and/or your self-confidence.

April – This will be a lovely month for relationships and there will be an excellent understanding between you and your partner. For those who are single, you could meet someone on your wavelength with whom you will feel a very strong connection. It is a deliciously light-hearted month where few problems are likely to occur and you will feel upbeat and happy in your own skin.

May– This is not a very good month for travel or for starting a new job or finalising a business deal. You may feel pulled in a lot of different directions. Try not to get too stressed by undercurrents at work which are causing bad rumours and gossip to spread. It’s probably best to lie low and take everything in your stride. Don’t try to push ahead with anything new. The odds are against you.

June – You may have to keep your own counsel this month. There could be a difficult situation at work which must be resolved before any progress can be made. There could also be a few problems at home between you and your loved ones. It is important to be absolutely honest and not hide what you really think. Just choose some of your words very carefully or you could cause offence and hurt someone deeply.

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July – This will be a better month for achieving your goals. You may still have to be patient but at least you can see the end in sight. Don’t get drawn into petty arguments or disagreements that could blow up in your face. Try not to hurry things along in the workplace. In the end, it could work to your disadvantage. If you are having home improvements, be sure to get a good guarantee for any building work.

August – Life will be good and things will start to move. Indications show there looks likely to be a fair degree of sexual satisfaction in relationships and you will feel that at last, you have found someone you are truly compatible with. Perhaps this relationship will be one to keep for the long term. Your career will also advance and you will be singled out for a special award in recognition of your considerable contribution and focused dedication.

September – This is a month for relaxing and taking life easy. If you haven’t thought of a holiday, a last minute get-away would do you the world of good. You may suddenly feel tired or on the point of exhaustion, so there has never been a better time to take time out. The money will flow easily this month and you will have plenty to spend on the thing you really enjoy. Don’t hold back. There’s no need.

October – You are likely to be tuned into your inner self and personal aspirations this month. If you are spiritually inclined, this month could be significant for you. You will have a sense of knowingness and you will trust your intuition. You may a strong feeling you have been somewhere before or met a new connection in a past life. Whatever this month brings, you will stay true to yourself and not be swayed by others.

November-This month will be very fast-moving. For you and your friends, it could bring a slight craziness. Be prepared for surprises and last minute alterations to carefully laid plans. Go with the flow. Try not to over-indulge in alcohol and enjoy the madness. It is fleeting and life will return to normal very quickly.

December -Your pockets will be full of money and you will be rewarded for your work achievements. You will feel extremely satisfied with everything you’ve done. Your laughter and optimism will spread and others will love your jokes and tomfoolery. Try not to be too cavalier in your attitude towards newcomers in the workplace, Sagittarius. They may get the wrong impression of you.

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